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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Student Welfare

We are committed to follow our school's Mission to being a joyous, peaceful, forgiving and inclusive community.  We are devoted to ensuring that all students are cared for and supported when in need.

Our Student Welfare Department, is led by Dr Stevenson, Deputy Headteacher. 

We have special pages devoted to the following:


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How can talking to an adult help? 

Talking about your problems to someone you trust means they can help you see things differently. They can give you new ideas about how to cope, or help you change things in your life that worry you. Once you tell someone, they can be there for you in the future too.

Putting things into words helps. Sometimes it's just good to say what's on your mind. Talking to someone could make you feel like you don't have to deal with it on your own and make things feel more manageable.

What will happen if I tell someone? 

People like teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and police officers will always listen and take you seriously. They have a duty to help you and keep you safe. And if you tell them what’s happening, they’ll want to help.

The person you tell might need to let someone else know what’s happening, but you can always ask about this. It’s also okay to tell them what you’d like to happen and keep asking questions about what’s going on.

Anti-Bullying Advice 

Bullying is saying or doing something, more than once, to deliberately hurt or upset someone else.  It can be physical, verbal or indirect (spreading rumours, excluding you, or posting information about you online).

How can I get help?
There are lots of different people at school that you can talk to including your Form Tutor, Head of Year or any member of staff you feel comfortable talking with.  If you are feeling upset and you would like help straight away, visit the Pastoral Office (next to Main Reception) or the Learning Support Centre (top floor of St John's).
We will listen to any concerns you have and then together decide the best way to resolve them.  We will discuss any actions with you first before doing anything to help.

Anti-Bullying Policy
To access our Anti-Bulling Policy, click on Policies.

Pastoral Team including Heads of Year 

To find a member of staff's email address you add our domain name  i.e.

Deputy Head Student Welfare
Alternate DSL (ADSL)

Shirley Stevenson
Ex. 1025
St Julie's, Room J16
Pastoral & Attendance Support Manager
Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

Janice Murphy
Pastoral Office
Student and Pastoral Assistant
Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

Jo Bryant
Ex. 1022
Pastoral Office
Student and Pastoral Assistant
Luke Davis
Ex. 1022
Pastoral Office
Head of Year 8
Anne Tiburtius
Ex. 1090
Pastoral Office
Head of Year 9
Peter Hedges
Ex. 1005
Pastoral Office
Head of Year 10
Imogen  Orton
Ex. 1021
Pastoral Office
Head of Year 11
Charli Jacobs
Ex. 1023
Pastoral Office
Head of Year 7
John Hodds
Ex. 1089
Pastoral Office
Lay Chaplain
Alex Savage
Ex. 1036
Chaplaincy Office J18

Learning Support Team 

To find a member of staff's email address you add our domain name  i.e.

Learning Support Centre Manager &
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

David Butters
Ex. 1029
Room 50, LSC St John’s
Student and Family Support Worker
Samantha High

Student and Family Support Worker
Gilly Martin
Student and Family Support Worker
Corinne Pointer

Outside Agency Support and Advice
Support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations
Get free, confidential support from a Childline counsellor about anything you want to. You can talk to Childline from 7:30am-3:30am every day, either online, by calling 0800 1111 or by sending a message from their website.