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Year 11

‘All shall be well’ Julian of Norwich


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Online Learning Links

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You can't use your Google account to login.

User names are usually your first initial, followed by your surname, all lower case with no hyphens. 

Your password is the same as your user name the first time you log in. You will then be prompted to change your password. The Institution code is esm2. 

Your Maths teachers have got your usernames and passwords. Any issues email Mrs Chadwick.

How to apply to Notre Dame 6th Form

For instructions on how to submit your application (as an internal applicant) click here.

To make your application click on the button below.


If you are applying to a Post-16 Provider that uses the HelpYouChoose website, contact Miss Freezer for your username and password.

Post-16 Advice

All our information about Open Evenings etc. has now moved to the Y11 Careers Roadmap page.  Click on the link below.

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sm;)e Student E-Zine 


06/11 Timetable updates (in yellow)


The Mock Timetable and revision planner are now available to download.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the links.

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Exam Timetable, Rules & Guidance 

The Exams section of our website contains the following pages:

Subject Specific Revision Resources

The links below will take you to the website of the exam board page for each of your subjects. On these pages you will find lots of useful documents, such as the specification that tells teachers the content, they need to teach you, past papers and mark schemes along with examiners reports on each past exam which tell you the mistakes previous students have made that lost them marks, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

You do need to be careful that you are always looking at the correct documents, for example in some subjects including subjects like History, Geography and RE teachers are able to select some of the topics they teach you. Therefore, it is important that you check with your teacher the exact units you are studying for example in History at GCSE students are taught the Medicine though time unit as opposed to crime and punishment through time unit.


Exam Board Links


To access all the revision resources for Biology visit this google drive folder.

Combined Science

Google classroom code: x6oqm44

Triple Biology

Google classroom code: x6oqm44

Exam Board Links

Other links

  • Cognito: Over 400 Science and Maths videos lessons.


KS4 Chemistry Google Classroom code is:ojm5ene

It contains the following items carefully organised by topic of study:

  • Lesson PowerPoints
  • Textbook extracts
  • Practice/summary questions and the mark scheme
  • Summary videos
  • Checklists
  • Knowledge organiser
  • Link to the past paper store (Google Drive folder)
  • 'My GCSE at a Glance' sheet explaining the overall layout of the assessment

Exam Board Links

Other links

  • Cognito: Over 400 Science and Maths videos lessons.

Computer Science 

Our resources are shared via Google Classroom

The code is: wrwtocn


English Lit Mock

The English mock will be literature and will cover the Shakespeare you have studied and 'A Christmas Carol'. The English paper will be done in a normal lesson after the Mocks.

Set Works

Language Papers


In the Google Classroom we have also recapped the topics and dates of each of the exam papers, 4 past papers and suggested links to some good revision sites including videos and Seneca:

Exam Board Subject Page

AQA | GCSE | Geography | Specification at a glance

Paper 1: Natural Hazards, Living World, Coasts and Rivers   (May 22nd)
Paper 2: Urban Issues, Changing Economic World, Resources    (June 9th)
Paper 3: Pre-release - we will complete our work on this paper after the Easter holidays. (June 16th)

If you find geography videos helpful to revise try these two channels on Youtube.

Select the topics you feel least confident with and use your revision guide also.
Geography Hawkes
Mr B
Seneca is another good source of revision and find attached copies of 2 of each of papers 1 and 2 full of practise questions. (Go back down the feed for the 2018 papers.)

All students either purchased or were provided with a copy of the CGP Revision guide.

The GC codes are as follows:

Ms Rekic: 11GGB     Code: 4v7gtxi

Mr Lister: 11A-GG2   Code: awowvke

Mrs Fullam: 11A-GG1 Mrs Fullam 2022/23 Code: ioplb3w

Mrs Fullam: 11B Geography Mrs Fullam    Code: 7gbzomc


Our Y10/11 revision resources are shared via Google Classroom

The code is: g2r24km

Specification Page


Our resources are shared via our Google Classroom

The code is: efamdhz


Our resources are shared via Google Classroom

The code is: 2g5dowy

Exam Board links

Other links


Religious Studies 

Our revision support is accessible via each class' Google Classroom .

Exam Board Subject Page

Edexcel RE GCSE Specifiaction A         Papers 1A, 2F and 3A

  • 11X- RE1 Teacher: MSH  GC: 7kyxky 
  • 11X- RE2 Teacher: JSE GC: zqmragc 
  • 11X- RE3 Teacher: JSL GC code: x4letyb 
  • 11X- RE4 Teacher: MNU GC: guupwrr 
  • 11Y- RE1 Teacher: MSH  GC: kcdfz6j 
  • 11Y- RE2 Teacher: KST GC: zgswbq4 
  • 11Y- RE3 Teacher: MNU GC: guupwrr 
  • 11Y- RE4 Teacher: JSE GC: remgaci 


Click on the links below for past papers:

The Spanish revision resources are on Memrise.  To access resources by theme visit our KS4 Spanish page.

sm;)e Student E-Zine 

I am concerned about something.  Who can I talk to in school? 

We are a caring community that supports each other.  We have a wide range of staff who can help advise you.  If you are not sure who to ask, or how to contact a specific person, visit our Pastoral Office.

For full info on all the ways that we can support you, visit our Student Welfare page.

Who can I ask for advice outside of school? 


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Online Learning Links 

Google Classroom

RM Unify

We use RM Unify as a launchpad to all our online tools and resources including your email account and Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom gives you online access to learning resources.  To access them you need a subject code.

Student Portal

Student Portal gives you online access to your timetable, homework instructions, behaviour events and reports.

Online Safety Advice and Support 

If you would like to speak to someone in school about an online safety issue, contact our Safeguarding Team.

Reporting an Issue

We advise that you speak with a trusted adult before reporting an incident

  • CEOP: If you are worried about online sexual abuse, or the way someone has been communicating with you online.
  • Report Remove: ChildLine's online tool to empower young people to stop the spread of nude images online

Credits and Rewards