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Each subject will set homework according to the needs of their particular discipline and will never set homework for the sake of it. However, we recognise that if students are to excel in their subjects they need practice and an opportunity to revisit the topics they have been taught and this is what our homework strategy is aiming to achieve.

A significant part of our homework strategy is what we call review and this is something we ask all students to do if no formal piece of homework has been set by the subject that day.

Review entails students re-reading over the work in their books along with any additional materials their subject teacher has given them such as subject booklets.

The table below gives a rough outline of how long we would expect students to be spending on review.

Year Review Time
7 30 mins
8 30 mins
9 30 mins
10 45 mins
11 60 mins
12 90 mins
13 90 mins

Review works best when combined with retrieval. This is where students ask themselves questions on a topic and attempt to recall all they can remember about it. This serves the purpose of identifying gaps in knowledge and informing students of the areas they need to go back over and review. Many of our subjects, are providing such questions, in the booklets that we are creating for students to support review over the next two years.