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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Houses and Rewards

The House System

Our four houses were created by the School Council to develop our community spirit.

Each House consists of two forms from every year group.  They gather together for House Assemblies.

We run a wide variety of activities and competitions to enable all students to participate in competitive and non-competitive events.

Each house was named after an important national or international pilgrimage site:


Symbol: the cross of Jerusalem.   This is one of the world’s oldest cities and is holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  It was the site of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.


Symbol: the papal keys.  Rome is recognized as one of the birth places of western civilization.  Both St Peter and St Paul were martyred here.  The Bishop of Rome (Pope) is the head of the Roman Catholic Church.


Symbol: the scallop shell of St James.  Santiago de Compostela is where the shrine to the apostle and saint, James, is located and has been an important centre of pilgrimage for over one thousand years.


Symbol: the Madonna and Child is a village in Norfolk that became (and remains) a shrine and major pilgrimage centre to the Virgin Mary in the eleventh century.

House Events and Points

You can gain points for your House in the following ways

  • Bromcom Positive Events - Negative Events = House Points
  • Participate in Concerts and Drama Productions
  • Compete in House Sports Competions
  • Participate in the House Debating Competion
  • Compete in Sports Day
  • Compete in competitions and events
  • Be a prefect or member of the School Council