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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Teaching and Learning

We aim to educate the whole child, within the Christian context where every person is a valued member of our community. Our work is to create the conditions so that effective learning takes place so both the strong and the weak have something to yearn for and nothing to fear. We seek to maximise the chances of our students to realise their full potential. We do this as we clearly show, share and fulfil the responsibilities of our task.’


At Notre Dame we have motivated students and hard-working staff. We want staff and students to enjoy their work. Well-being matters. Each contribution makes a difference to the education we provide.  Students flourish in an atmosphere which is safe, supportive, calm and positive. Well-prepared, engaging lessons that challenge students generate good attitudes to learning. Always insist on high standards of behaviour, work and respect. 


As a staff we take a professional pride in our work – working with each other, and balancing the various demands made upon us. How well we work together is the single biggest difference to maintaining the high standards at Notre Dame. Standards in our classrooms are our responsibility. We practice self-efficacy.   The Teacher Standards the expectation. Support comes from your colleagues, our Heads of Department, the coordinators and the Leadership Team. There are departmental expectations / standards to guide our work. There is also an enhanced CPD programme to participate in as well the input of the NDHS CPD team and other key staff to draw upon. If you require any support in your classroom, please ask your line manager.

For further information on 'Great Teaching and Learning at Notre Dame' and the 'Active Ingredients of Literacy Focussed Teaching at NDHS' Please see your copy of Cornerstone.