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Talking to your child about sensitive issues

Communicating with your children about sensitive issues such as relationships and staying safe is a vital way for them to develop.

  • Start by talking about something that you both find more comfortable, such as feelings and emotions.
  • Talking during everyday events like washing up, or watching TV can help to normalise talking about sensitive issues.​
  • Ask your child what their friends think/feel about the issues.​
  • Be prepared to listen rather than focusing on what you want to say.​
  • Ask your child to share their views first, then offer yours if they ask.​
  • It is fine not to know the answer a question that they ask, you can research the issue together.​
  • Make sure that your child knows that they can always talk to you anytime, about anything.

For further advice on how we teach Relationships and Sex Education at Notre Dame visit our PSHEE subject page.

External Advice

Preventing harmful sexual behaviour: useful information, resources and support as well as practical tips to provide safe environments for families