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Support and Guidance

A key strength of our 6th Form is the variety of ways in which we support and guide our students.

This page will give you a pen portrait of the different forms of support that we provide.

If you're not sure who is the best person to contact, then speak to our 6th Form Team.

Bursary Advice 

16-19 students can apply for a bursary for financial at any time, for example if the household circumstances change during the year.  For further details visit our Busary Advice page.

Careers and Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) 

Whether your future is to study at university, embark on an apprenticeship, or to take a Gap Year, you are certain to be offered the information, advice and guidance you need in order to make informed choices.

Any student, and/or parents/carers now has the opportunity to arrange a meeting with a Level 6 Qualified Careers Advisor, to discuss future options and progression routes during and after their time at Notre Dame. To book and appointment with our Careers Advisor or if you have a question about  CEIAG provision visit our  CEIAG page.

Culture and Faith Studies 

All our students attend a weekly discussion lesson on current issues, culture and mental wellbeing.  These activities help to put all your other subjects into context.  The discussions also enable you to share ideas and opinions with a diverse group of Y12s studying a mix of subjects.  For more info visit our page on Culture and Faith.

Enrichment Hour 

Led by Mr Pritchard, there is an hour on the timetable (currently Wednesday Period 3, Week B) where we get speakers from education, industry and employers in to talk about their work to help students get a better understanding of the jobs market.  Details of the program can be found on the "Enrichment" section of the website.

Exams Info and Advice

Our Exams Team provide all the info and advice you need online.  If you are worried or concerned about anything or just want to double-check something, please do not hesitate to visit them.  To find out how to contact them visit our Exams page.

Extended Project 

Our popular Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university and future career. It is worth half an A-level (70 UCAS points) so can be used to earn extra UCAS points. The EPQ is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country, over 30,000 students take the EPQ in the UK every year.  Details of the program can be found on our page for Extended Project (EPQ).

Renaissance (Oxbridge, Medicine, Law and Russell Group) 

Working together with our colleagues in "Higher Opportunities" we run a series of events and support for pupils thinking of applying for Oxbridge or Russell Group universities.  Led by our expert, Mr Bishop, details can be found by clicking on our page for  Renaissance.

6th Form Studies 

Sixth Form Studies gives you the opportunity to extend your experiences beyond the classroom by exploring a range of relevant PSHEE topics and helping you to develop your organisational, study and employability skills.  It will aslo allow you to participate in a choice of activities, or take on responsibilities that ecourage you to give back to the wider school community.

Progress Manager 

Sixth Forms students are given academic support by their teachers, Heads of Department and Form Tutor team. For those students who are not yet achieving their full potential the team will offer organisational, motivational and practical support to help promote progress. 

Help when you need it 

We know that life in the Sixth Form isn't always easy.  We have a number of staff here to help you when you need it. They include our Lay Chaplain Mr Savage, 6th Form Pastoral Support Workers, Ms Brickell and Ms Bye, and our Lead Social Emotional Mental Health Professional, Mrs Johnston.  Referrals are usually through either your Form Tutor or Assistant Director of Sixth Form.

6th Form Council 

Council is made up of the Head Students and 2 reps from each of the 18 form groups in Years 12-13.  We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday lunchtime in M22.  Senior staff attend to hear views and get feedback from students. Students chair and run the meeting.

6th Form Policies and Forms 

We have a number of 6th Form Policies and forms which you may find useful.  To access them, visit our Policies and Documents page.