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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
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Homework makes a difference to progress within every subject. You wouldn’t expect to excel at music or sport without practice and homework is that opportunity to develop practice across your portfolio of subjects.

At Notre Dame High the expectation is that homework is set fortnightly as a minimum.  Maths & MFL is set weekly.

 keyboard with questions and answers on it

Students are expected to record all homework in their planners, which form tutors and parents are expected to sign.

Good practice is for students to tick off when they have completed homework.


 do your home work in building blocks

For Year 7, 8 & 9, homework will tend to link with the curriculum for each year group.  To find out more about what is studied please click on the subject area of the website.

We have crystallised our expectations in the following statements which are our interpretation of the Outstanding lesson guidance from Ofsted.


  • Set Homework.
  • Make it worthwhile. Homework also needs a purpose.
  • Make it achievable, so it can be done well and in time.
  • Make it easy to mark.
  • Mark it, so they can see and feel it was worth doing well!


  • Taking responsibility for getting things done.
  • Meeting deadlines and maintaining a school/home balance.

To access our online learning tools and resources including RM Unify, Student Portal and Google Classroom, visit the Online Learning page.