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KS3 History gives you an understanding of past events, ranging from ancient times to modern day.

Whilst studying History you learn the skills to be able to take in large amounts of written or visual information and analyse how and why things happened, whilst developing excellent written communication skills. 


  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Aut.1 The Norman Conquest King James
The Civil War
Aut.2 The Church in the Middle Ages Cromwell to Glorious Revolution The End of WW1
The Russian Revolution
Spr.1 Challenges to the Monarchy Slave Trade and Empire Between the Wars – Nazi Germany
Spr.2 Challenges to the Monarchy
Life in the Middle Ages
Slave Trade and Empire WW2
Sum.1 The Tudors Part 1 – Henry and the Break with Rome. The Industrial Revolution The End of WW2
The Holocaust
Sum.2 The Tudors Part 2 – Edward, Mary, Elizabeth. Politics and Reform Migration and Britain after WW2


Where does this subject take me? 

KS4 History

In Year 10-11 GCSE History is a 'preference' subject.  It encourages you to think for yourself and support your ideas with carefully chosen evidence and it teaches you to research a subject and present your findings in a coherent way. Most important of all, History is intrinsically interesting, and an understanding of how this country and the wider world have developed will help you to become a thoughtful, well-informed member of today's global society. 

The skills taught in History are valuable for a wide range of other subjects.  For more info, visit our KS4 subject pages on

Regarded as a 'facilitating subject' by many universities, history is often studied alongside sociology, psychology, business, English and economics.

History can lead on to a large range of careers from law, politics and business through to creative media, journalism, broadcasting and tourism management.