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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Governing Body

The governors of Notre Dame High School are justly proud of the school community. Our students achieve standards well above national averages which is testament to their hard work and the dedication of our staff. However, Notre Dame is about so much more than just exam results; the support our community gives to both local and national causes in fundraising and volunteering is a true reflection of the Notre Dame ethos. Our school vision is supported by strong and vital links to the Catholic Diocese of East Anglia  which underpin our entire decision-making process.

Notre Dame is part of the St John the Baptist Catholic Multi Academy Trust, company number 7913261, set up as a charitable trust limited by guarantee. It has a tiered management and governance structure, with the Members of the Academy Trust Company overseeing the strategic direction of each of its academies. The Members of the Academy Trust Company are the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia, Rt Rev Alan Hopes, the Diocesan Trustees (represented by Mgr Tony Rogers), the Diocesan Schools Manager Mrs Julie O'Connor, Mr Fred Corbett and the Chair of the Multi Academy Trust's Board of Directors, Mrs Ruth Hollis. Below this tier is the full Governing Body of the school. The Governing Body is responsible for setting the vision of the school, holding the Headteacher to account for educational performance, and ensuring that the academy's money is well spent.

The role of governors is to provide the strategic lead in supporting the provision of high quality Christ centred education, and is underpinned by the school vision to enable students to become independent lifelong learners. Over the years the Governing Body has taken many important strategic decisions that have influenced the life of the school, including the conversion to Academy status on 1st March 2012, and the decision to form a Multi Academy Trust four years later.  This has allowed the Trust to take control of its future and to continue to provide outstanding educational opportunities for all its pupils across this area of the Diocese.

There are up to 18 positions on the Governing Body, which is composed of up to 11 Foundation Governors (appointed by the Diocese), 2 Parent Governors (elected from parents), the Headteacher, 2 other Staff Governors (elected by staff), and up to 2 Governors appointed by the Governing Body itself. A Governor's term of office is 4 years, though they may stand for re-election or re-appointment if desired. Most of the Governing Body's work takes place in committees that are led by knowledgeable and experienced chairs. There are three committees which oversee all aspects of school life: i) Resources (with Pay and Pay Appeals sub-committees), ii) Pastoral and Admissions committee, and iii) Teaching, Learning and Standards committee.  Notre Dame also works closely with the other schools in the Multi Academy Trust, and with wider partnerships of schools as part of its commitment to the wider education community.

The Governing Body’s commitment to the school is unwavering in ensuring the continued provision of an outstanding educational experience for students both now and in the future. To this end Governors are always eager to hear the views of members of our community including parents and pupils. The Chair of Governors, Marion Malley, can be contacted through the Compliance Manager at the school

The Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education, and St John the Baptist Catholic Multi Academy Trust's Articles of Association, the Annual Report and Financial Statements can be found on the MAT's website

Election of Parent Governor at Notre Dame High School (May 2022)

We had one nomination for the position of Parent Governor at the school, which was available as the previous incumbent came to the end of their 4-year term of office (on 27th March 2022), so no election was necessary. Manoj Thankappan, who had previously served as Parent Governor, was nominated, and so will take up another 4-year term of office from 6th May 2022. We are very grateful for his contribution and continuing support for the school.

Foundation Governors

The Governing Body is currently seeking practising Catholics willing to become Foundation Governors. Please see the attachment below for further details.

Advert for Foundation Governors

The Governing Body's Register of Interests, and the membership and attendance of the Governing Body and its committees may be accessed via the links below.

Membership of the Governing Body and its committees

Governors Register of Business Interests

Governors Attendance at meetings 2021-22

Governors Attendance at meetings 2020-21

Governors Attendance at meetings 2019-20

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