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Why study Geography?

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Never has there been a more important time to study Geography A Level. As our world faces unprecedented change, we will explore challenges such as global migration, the pollution of our oceans, issues faced by towns and cities and human encroachment on hazardous areas, the spread of disease and human rights abuses. We study the challenges they create and we explore the solutions necessary to ensure the future of our species and our natural environment.

The OCR A Level syllabus is multidisciplinary, spanning the arts and sciences and addresses both human and physical geography. It includes an integral fieldwork element with a trip to the Lake District; an enjoyable and valuable part of the course. As a strong facilitating subject with one of the highest employment rates of any degree subject it is highly regarded by many universities and combines well with most A Level subjects.
Previous geographers have gone on to study subjects as diverse as International Development, Diplomacy, Law, Geology, GIS IT systems, Architecture, Earth Sciences, Marine Biology, Meteorology, Climate Change and Urban Planning.

You will be taught by a strong team of experienced and passionate geographers with varying subject specialisms and will complete an independent assignment on an issue of your choosing in Year 13.
The world needs informed individuals to understand the processes of the natural world and our influence on them. People able to tackle inequality and with skills of diplomacy and empathy. People with the solutions to develop strategies to confront local and global problems. 

The world needs geographers.

Why our students like this course

 ‘You are taught diverse subjects that embrace your knowledge’  

'Studying Geography at Notre Dame has confirmed that Geography is what I want to study in the future.  It is an interesting and up-to-date subject that allows you to link what you learn in the classroom to real life.  Throughout the two years you are taught diverse topics that embrace your knowledge and develop transferable skills that can lead you towards a wide range of courses in the future.'

'I have never regretted my choice to study A Level Geography at Notre Dame. Everything you learn is interesting and very relevant to the world around you - you'll never leave a lesson feeling as if you've wasted your time. There is loads of support from the teachers when you don't understand something but at the same time you develop independent study and research skills that allow you to build your own view of the world. Geography is a fascinating subject, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to learn.'

'A-Level Geography is an incredibly diverse subject. I have loved how all the topics we have studied are real, contemporary, and represent serious issues facing society today. Global migration has been my highlight so far, where we have been learning about the economics and politics behind migration, and why it is such a contentious issue. A-Level Geography has helped me to better understand the issues facing modern society from a range of perspectives. 

Furthermore, there is also the opportunity to complete a non-examined assessment which involves independent fieldwork. The fact that we have the choice to explore any issue across the specification has been a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate a different range skills. I have really enjoyed this independence and freedom. I would happily recommend geography to anyone.'

Entry Requirements

A strong pass in GCSE Geography or a grade 6 in English Language are preferable

Exam Board

Course Structure 

Y12 Half Term Unit 1 Physical Landscapes Unit 2: Human Interactions Unit 3: Debates Non Examined Assesment
Autumn 1 Glaciated Landscapes

Global Migration

Autumn 2 Glaciated Landscapes

Global Migration

Spring 1   Changing Spaces Making Places

Disease Dilemmas

Spring 2        
Summer 1   Changing Spaces Making Places

Disease Dilemmas

Summer 2      

Fieldwork: Lake District


Y13 Half Term Unit 1: Physical Landscapes Unit 2: Human Interactions Unit 3: Debates Non-Examined Assessment
Autumn 1     Hazardous Earth Write-up
Autumn 2 Earth’s Life Support Systems     Write-up
Spring 1  

Global Connections:

Human Rights

Spring 2 Revision      
Summer 1        
Summer 2        

Where does this subject lead me? 

The world needs geographers.  It is a multi-disciplined subject that allows geographers to develop an overview that specialists frequently miss – the geographers are able to see the wood because they are not too absorbed by individual trees.  That means they are well placed to develop the strategy needed to confront the world's global problems.  It also makes the subject very employable.

Further Advice

Contact a Teacher

If you have any subject specific questions that you'd like to ask.  You are very welcome to contact the relevant Head of Subject.  To find their email address click on Teaching Staff.  For general enquiries, contact the 6th Form Team.