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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School


Our aim is to work with parents to ensure that all our pupils receive the most from their education and reach their full potential.  We believe that high attendance is vital for our students to get the most from their experience at Notre Dame.

Procedure for informing an absence

  • If your child is absent (including 6th Form), please ring our main number 01603 611 431 every day of their absence.  
  • Follow the options to leave a recorded message.  
  • If for any reason you have been unable to call the school for an absence, we will require a letter providing written evidence of why your child was absent.
  • If for any reason you have been unable to call the school to report an absence, a text will be sent to you, from 9.30am, informing you that your young person is not in school and requesting an explanation of this.

Unavoidable Late Arrival (after 9:05am)

Students must make every effort to avoid lateness.  Students that arrive on site after 9:05am  students MUST go to straight to the Pastoral Office to sign in (Y12-13 to 6th Form Office).

How we register your child

For Years 7-11, a breakdown of all attendance recorded during AM (08:50-09:05) and PM (13:20-13:25) registrations is provided.  Click below for a breakdown of the Attendance Codes used in the school registers.

Attendance Categories and Register Codes

Attendance Categories

  • / – Present - AM Registration (08:50 – 09:05)
  • \ – Present – PM Registration (13:20 – 13:25)
  • L – Late
  • S – Study Leave

Absence Codes

  • I – Illness
  • N – No Reason
  • O – Unauthorised Absence
  • B – Educated Off-Site
  • C – Other Authorised Circumstances
  • D – Dual Registered (at other establishment)
  • E – Excluded
  • F – Extended Family Holiday (agreed)
  • G – Family Holiday (not agreed)
  • H – Family Holiday (agreed)
  • J – Interview
  • M – Medical Appointment
  • P – Approved Sporting Activity
  • R – Religious Observance
  • T – Traveller Absence
  • U – Late (after registers closed)
  • V – Educational Visit
  • W – Work Experience

If you log onto MCAS you can see your child's current attendance.

  • 95% = Our Whole School Target
  • 90% = Average of 1/2 day a week absent
  • 90% = Persistent Absence, Attendance Officer alerted
  • 80% = Average of 1 day a week absent

For Sixth Form students (Years 12-13), a breakdown of lesson by lesson absences and lates is provided.  This provides a more accurate picture of attendance for these students as attendance at AM & PM registration is not always required.

Requesting a Leave of Absence 

Research commissioned by the Department for Education shows missing school for even a day can mean a child is less likely to achieve good grades, which can have a damaging effect on their life chances.  Therefore, taking your child out of school during term time could be detrimental to your child’s educational progress.

The law requires parents/carers to ensure that their child attends school regularly. The Government remains very clear that no child should miss school apart from in exceptional circumstances and schools must continue to take steps to reduce absence to support children’s attainment.

The process for requesting a leave of absence and the required form are available in the St John the Baptist CMAT  Attendance Policy further information is provided in the CMAT's Holidays in Term Time Policy.

The completed form should be returned to the school marked for the attention of the Attendance Support Manager.