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KS3 Art allows you to develop an extensive range of creative and technical skills and to understand more about artists and art history.

Art enables you to come up with new ideas, work independently on your own projects and build up examples of your work.


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  Year 7
Natural Forms
Year 8
Pop Art, Food and Me
Year 9
Cultural Connections
Aut.1 Observational drawing
Tonal drawing
Mark Making
Artists research
Art analysis
Design and layout skills in sketchbook
Pop up mechanisms
Design and layout skills
Tonal drawing
Mark Making
Aut.2 How to use artists  to inspire ideas
Artists research 
Art analysis
Layout skills
Observational drawing
Block shading
Pen rendering skills
Recognising different cultural characteristics
Design skills
Pencil crayon rendering and mark making
Spr.1 Design skills
Coloured pencil rendering
Refining idea
Observational drawing
Facial proportions
Tonal shading
Mark Making
Clay construction techniques
Spr.2 3D construction (clay or recycled materials) Applying an artist’s style 
Pen rendering skills
Tonal drawing
Mark making
Collage techniques
Sum.1 3D construction (clay or recycled materials) Designing a block print
Printing techniques
Tonal drawing
Mark making
Collage techniques
Sum.2 3D construction (clay or recycled materials)
Evaluating final outcome
Creating an outcome using taught techniques/skills Acrylic paint techniques


Where does this subject lead me? 

KS4 Subjects

Art can lead to lots creative subjects at GCSE including:

Career Pathways

In many jobs being able to think and plan creatively can be an advantage.

There are many careers that require creative and artistic skills including architecture, fashion design, advertising, media make-up and floristry.