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6th Form Covid Mitigation

Information for universities: NDHS UCAS applications for 2022 entrance.

Many of our Y13 cohort were NDHS GCSE students. Their GCSE context was that during the 2020 lockdown they were primarily offered untimetabled remote resources via Google Classroom, which were completed according to students' own ability and motivation to do so at home. Remote work at that time was not interactive or Zoom based. Teachers were asked not to mark work or give feedback for most months of the main lockdown period. 

For both 2020 GCSE grades, and Y13 predicted 2022 A-level grades, NDHS works primarily from a sense of ethos, working carefully so all grades are driven by a data-centred evidence base for every student. 

When the current Y13 were in Y12, in the recent winter lockdown Zoom lessons were offered on a two-hours-per-week-per-subject basis. There was a slowing of curriculum coverage, and there was not a policy of enforcement of attendance or completion. Many students completed self-directed and self-motivated work.