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January 2024

  • 27/01/24

    Week 20: A new teaching

    We sometimes forget that Jesus was a young man.  He spoke to others with such confidence and authority.  Today we need to listen to our young people and the issues that they are passionate about.
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  • 21/01/24

    Week 19: "Follow me"

    Sometimes, we are given a life-changing opportunity.  How good are you at noticing them and following them up?
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  • 15/01/24

    Week 18: Be a rock!

    In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus gives his friend a nickname 'Peter' meaning 'rock'.  This is because Jesus notices Peter's potential as a dependable leader.  In what ways to do people see you as a leader?  Who needs you to be their rock this week?
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  • 06/01/24

    Week 17: Follow the Star!

    Seeing the star gave the Magi a strong feeling of hope for the road ahead.  What key events are you hopeful about in the coming year?
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