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September 2023

  • 29/09/23

    Week 5: Doing God's Will

    What have you been asked to do, but have put off?  What do you need to commit to actually getting done this week?
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  • 26/09/23

    Week 4: 'Generous to all'

    In this week's Gospel we're challenged to be kind to everyone in our lives.  If we all made this a target, what difference would it make in our society?
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  • 16/09/23

    Week 3

    Learning how to forgive is an ability that we need to develop every day.  Often the person that we find it most difficult to forgive is ourselves.
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  • 09/09/23

    Week 2: 'I will be with you'

    Our values and beliefs are always there to help us in our moment of need.
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  • 04/09/23

    Week 01: 'Follow me'

    As we start a new year together, what are the first steps that you'll take to enable you to live life to the full?
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