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May 2023

  • 20/05/23

    Sm;)e Student E-Zine

    Check out our new online magazine for students.  Look at photos from recent events. Find out what you can get involved in next half term.
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  • 20/05/23

    Week 32: Spread the word

    For the last 2,000 years Christians have continued to pass on Jesus' teachings on how to live life to the full. Which of his teachings will you pass on this week?
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  • 17/05/23

    Week 31: Make the world a better place

    Jesus' solution to living life to the full seems so simple.  All we need to do is love ourselves, the people in our lives and our planet. The challenge is to make a conscious choice to achieve this every day of our lives.
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  • 09/05/23

    Week 30: I am the Way

    Our lives are a long journey of discovery.  Our values of joy, hope, love forgivenss and peace are the sign posts that help us stay on the right path.
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  • 02/05/23

    Week 29: Life to the Full

    Who do you have in your life that looks out for you?  Who are the inspirational people that you follow?
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