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January 2022

  • 29/01/22

    Week 19: Candlemas

    The Feast of Candlemas marks the end of Christmas.  So if you've got any decorations left up, you can take them down on Wednesday!
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  • 23/01/22

    Week 18: Bring the Good News

    Luke's Gospel emphasises that Jesus' teachings are for the whole world.  The advice and guidance of Jesus' 'Good News' continue to support us today.
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  • 15/01/22

    Week 17: 'Do whatever he says'

    When we follow Jesus' example our lives will be brimful of joy.
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  • 15/01/22

    Y9 Preferences

    Advice to help you select your GCSE subjects.
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  • 09/01/22

    Week 16: Refreshing Our Lives

    When Jesus chose to be baptised he washed his old life away.  At the start of our new year, what do you want to leave behind?  How can you start your life afresh?
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  • 04/01/22

    Week 15: Epiphany!

    This week we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, when the Magi brought gifts to Jesus.  It is an opportunity for us to think about our lives as a precious gift which we share with each other.
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