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Italy Music Trip

Our Music Dept. have teamed up with CNS to tour together around Lake Garda in Italy.  Follow our travels with daily updates


In the morning we were treated to an amazing tour around 'fair Verona'.  We visited Juliette's balcony that is reputed to have inspired the famous scene in Shakespeare's play of 'two star-crossed lovers'.  We paid our respects to Juliette's statue in the traditional way.  Apparently it gives good luck!

In the afternoon we visited Malcesine by the shores of the stunning Lake Garda.

 In the evening we performed at a stunning venue right by the shore of Lake Garda in the Assenza Di Brezone.

To view and download more photos from our concert click here.


During the day we visited Gardaland Amusement Park.  The rapids were particularly popular in sweltering temperatures.  The more adventurous of us summoned the courage to experience Oblivion and even death-defying Peppa Pig World!!

In the evening we played another open-air concert.  This time is was in a beautiful park in Grezzana.  We were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of the area.

We had a truly electrifying moment when the park lights came on which sent a power surge through our PA system and we momentarily lost power!  However, never deterred, the band played on whilst we fixed the problem.

Lots of local residents came out to enjoy our concert and expressed how grateful they were that we had travelled so far to perform for them.

To view/download all the images from this day click here.


On Wednesday morning we visited Sirmione on the shores of Lake Garda.  It has been famous for its thermal baths since Roman times.  We took a spectacular boat trip around the peninsula, then had gelato for lunch to help us stay cool.

Then, in the evening we had our final concert in the incredible setting of the Cloisters of San Giorgio in Verona.  It was very emotional to play our encore.  To finish off the perfect day we watched the final moments of England winning to get into the Euro finals.  It's coming home and so are we!

Music has brought our two school communities together in a very special way and given us unforgettable experiences that have enabled us to 'Live life to the full'.

To view/download all the images from Wednesday click here.