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  • 11/11/23

    Week 10:

    This week's reading encourages us to 'stay awake' to seeing the needs of others.  Who will you notice this week?
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  • 04/11/23

    Week 9: Be Humble

    Be humble, or you'll stumble! Jesus warns us to focus less on ourselves and to make the effort instead to notice the people around us more. Who can you take the time to support and be kind to this week?
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  • 31/10/23

    Week 8: Love your neighbour

    'Love your neighbour as yourself'.  Easy to say, but difficult to achieve.  In our global society today, who is our neighbour?
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  • 14/10/23

    Week 7: 'Invite everyone

    The word 'Catholic' comes from two Greek words which mean 'including everyone'.  Jesus' teachings on how to live life to the full are for everyone.  Just like the wedding story in this week's Gospel, we're all invited to take part.  How can we ensure that n...
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  • 08/10/23

    Week 6: Cornerstones

    Jesus uses the metaphor of a stone that was initially rejected by builders becoming the most important stone in a building.  The cornerstone supports the weight of all the other stones in a building. Despite our imperfections we too are valued and have the potential to the lives of others.
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  • 29/09/23

    Week 5: Doing God's Will

    What have you been asked to do, but have put off?  What do you need to commit to actually getting done this week?
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  • 26/09/23

    Week 4: 'Generous to all'

    In this week's Gospel we're challenged to be kind to everyone in our lives.  If we all made this a target, what difference would it make in our society?
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  • 16/09/23

    Week 3

    Learning how to forgive is an ability that we need to develop every day.  Often the person that we find it most difficult to forgive is ourselves.
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  • 09/09/23

    Week 2: 'I will be with you'

    Our values and beliefs are always there to help us in our moment of need.
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  • 04/09/23

    Week 01: 'Follow me'

    As we start a new year together, what are the first steps that you'll take to enable you to live life to the full?
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  • 15/07/23

    Week 39: Sowing Seeds

    What seeds of learning have you sown this year?  How can you reap the harvest of the Summer Holidays to make the most of the free time that you have?
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  • 11/07/23

    Week 38: Young Minds

    Jesus recognises the ability of young people to see issues clearly.  What global issues can you see solutions to?  How can you speak out for change?
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