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  • 27/04/21

    The Big Ask!

    We are being invited to participate in the largest ever survey of young people in England.  The Children's Commissioner wishes to find out what are our concerns and aspirations about the future. The results from the survey will help put children and young people at the heart of the count...
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  • 27/04/21

    Clubs & Activities

    A number of our clubs and activities are now back up and running. To find out what you can get involved in, visit our Clubs & Activities page.
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  • 24/04/21

    Wk 29: 'I know my own'

    Read this week's PEBBLE and consider who are the people that look out for you. Scroll down to view TODAY our daily news bulletin.  It includes info on extra-curricular clubs and this week's delicious menu!
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  • 18/04/21

    Wk 28: 'Their joy was so great'

    Jesus appears to his Disciples and it fills them with joy. Recall a memory of sheer joy. How did this joyful experience help you to learn what you truly value?
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  • 12/04/21

    Wk 27: 'Peace be with you'

    How can we find, love peace of mind and signs of hope? Who can you pass these gifts onto this week?
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  • 05/04/21

    Happy Easter!

    Hopeful signs of new life in our grounds.
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  • 04/04/21

    Former Headteacher recognised by the Queen

    John Pinnington has received two purses of Royal Maundy Money.
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  • 24/03/21

    Y11 NCS Summer 2021

    Want to make this summer one you’ll never forget?
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  • 23/03/21

    National Day of Reflection

    Today is a national day of reflection.
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  • 22/03/21

    We Refugees

    Y12 Drama perform poem for the Norfolk Museums Service.
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  • 21/03/21

    Wk 26: A Rich Harvest

    Wheat originates from the Middle East near where Jesus was born. From a single seed a new wheat plant grows with a head of 50 grains. How can you sow seeds of hope this week?
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  • 14/03/21

    Wk 24: 3rd Sunday of Lent

    This Sunday's liturgical colour is pink, which represents anticipation and joy. What joyful event are you anticipating this week?  
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