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  • 15/04/24

    Week 28: Finding Joy

    After his death, Jesus appears to his Disciples and it fills them with joy. What gives you a sense of joy in your life?  Who can you be joyful towards this week?
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  • 24/03/24

    Week 27: Hosanna!

    During Holy Week we travel with Jesus through the last week of his life.  We reflect on the sacrifice that he made to save humanity.  His teachings and example continue to save us today.  Who are the people who give their lives to supporting you?  How can you offer them your t...
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  • 16/03/24

    Week 26: Seeds of Hope

    Just like wheat, Christianity has spread through out the world and nourishes billions of lives. How can you sow seeds of hope this weeK?
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  • 10/03/24

    Week 25: Live by the Light

    This week we celebrated Laetare Sunday.  The priest wears pink, the symbol of Joy as we look forward to Easter.  What joyful events are your anticipating?  How can you bring joy to someone this week? Notre Dame App On the Notre Dame App, click on the TODAY graphic to view...
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  • 03/03/24

    School Production Tickets

    To book your tickets visit Ticket Source.
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  • 02/03/24

    Week 24: Live Simply

    Jesus throws the market sellers out of a synagogue!  During Lent we consider what we don't need in our lives.  What is cluttering up your life that you can get rid of? Notre Dame App On the Notre Dame App, click on the TODAY graphic to view daily announcements and acti...
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  • 26/02/24

    Week 23: 'Listen to Him'

    Jesus had a profound affect on his friends' lives.  During Lent, we reflect on key people that have a positive influence in our lives.  Who is it for you? Notre Dame App On the Notre Dame App, click on the TODAY graphic to view daily announcements and activities t...
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  • 10/02/24

    Week 22: Lent begins

    On Wednesday we'll mark the beginning of Lent with a special service.  We will wear ashes as a visible sign that we wish to repent (rethink our lives).
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  • 05/02/24

    Week 21:Time in Prayer

    Jesus needed time by himself to gather the strength to support those in need.  Jesus shows us how to focus our minds and hearts through spending time in prayer.
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  • 27/01/24

    Week 20: A new teaching

    We sometimes forget that Jesus was a young man.  He spoke to others with such confidence and authority.  Today we need to listen to our young people and the issues that they are passionate about.
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  • 21/01/24

    Week 19: "Follow me"

    Sometimes, we are given a life-changing opportunity.  How good are you at noticing them and following them up?
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  • 15/01/24

    Week 18: Be a rock!

    In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus gives his friend a nickname 'Peter' meaning 'rock'.  This is because Jesus notices Peter's potential as a dependable leader.  In what ways to do people see you as a leader?  Who needs you to be their rock this week?
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