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  • 23/05/22

    Week 32: Do not let your hearts be troubled​​​​​​​

    The best way to improve our own wellbeing is by focusing on the needs of others rather than our own.
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  • 07/05/22

    Week 30: Who do you follow?

    Who do you have in your life that looks out for you? Who are the inspirational people that you follow?
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  • 03/05/22

    Summer Menu

    Check out our mouth watering menu for the Summer Term.
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  • 02/05/22

    Week 29: 'Feed my sheep'

    Who needs your care and attention this week?
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  • 02/05/22

    Culture Day

    We recently celebrated the wide range of diversity and heritage in our community.
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  • 24/04/22

    Week 28: Peace be with you

    How can we find love, peace of mind and signs of hope? Who can you pass these gifts onto this week?
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  • 21/03/22

    Week 25: Be Fruitful!

    During Lent we consider what we truly need to be flourish.  What will help you to be more fruitful?
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  • 14/03/22

    Week 24: Inspire Me!

    During Lent, we reflect on key people that have a positive influence in our lives.  Who is it for you?
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  • 05/03/22

    Week 23: Stop and Think!

    In this week's Gospel we learn how Jesus takes time in the desert to consider his future.  Lent is a time when we reflect on the journey of our lives, the wrong paths we've taken and the best way forward.  What's your next destination?  Notre Dame App On the Not...
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  • 27/02/22

    Week 22: The Real Me

    We all care about how other people see us.  We attempt to show the best version of ourselves both face to face and online.  A true friendship is based on sharing with another person who we really are.
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  • 20/02/22

    Week 21: You get out what you put in

    This week's Gospel gives us a significant challenge to offer the hand of friendship to our enemies.  This is relevant in both our individual lives and at a global level.
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  • 05/02/22

    Week 20: Don't be afraid!

    This week we celebrate the UN day of Women and Girls in Science.
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