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  • 15/01/22

    Week 17: 'Do whatever he says'

    When we follow Jesus' example our lives will be brimful of joy.
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  • 15/01/22

    Y9 Preferences

    Advice to help you select your GCSE subjects.
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  • 09/01/22

    Week 16: Refreshing Our Lives

    When Jesus chose to be baptised he washed his old life away.  At the start of our new year, what do you want to leave behind?  How can you start your life afresh?
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  • 04/01/22

    Week 15: Epiphany!

    This week we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, when the Magi brought gifts to Jesus.  It is an opportunity for us to think about our lives as a precious gift which we share with each other.
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  • 18/12/21

    Merry Christmas!

    We prepare for Christmas with our hamper appeal and Advent Service.
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  • 14/12/21

    Changes to the planned return in January

    In line with guidance from the Department for Education, when students return in January, schools and colleges are once again being asked to run an asymptomatic testing programme on site. 
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  • 12/12/21

    Hamper Appeal

    This could be the most valued present you give this Christmas!
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  • 12/12/21

    Christmas Market raises £450

    We celebrate the start of Advent each year with a market.  Students create and sell crafts and delicious treats to eat.  We also have games and live music. 
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  • 11/12/21

    Wk 14: 3rd Sunday of Advent

    In the darkness of the world around us, we are called to bring JOY into people’s lives.
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  • 29/11/21

    Week 12: 1st Sunday of Advent

    The first week of Advent is themed around Hope.  What steps can you take today to make your hopes reality?
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  • 15/11/21

    Week 10: Hope

    In winter, fig trees look completely dead.  Then in spring, they suddenly show signs that they are about to burst into life. Even in our coldest moments, wee should look for signs of hope to help get us through.
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  • 07/11/21

    Week 9: Remembrance

    This Thursday we will fly our Union Jack at half-mast and hold a 1 mins silence at 11am for Remembrance Day.  We also celebrate the feast day of St Martin of Tours, the patron saint of Chaplains.
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