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Careers in Stem

Tech is the future – whatever your dream job

With the number of tech jobs expected to skyrocket compared to other kinds of work, skilling up in STEM is a safe bet if you want to futureproof your career. Even if you don't want to work in engineering or technology, employers will be on the look out for tech skills in virtually every area of work.

Check out Success at School Careers Advice Engineering and IT & The Internet Career Zones for inspiration – and have a look at our guides to IT skills and technical skills to find out how to boost your CV.

Considering a career in Technology?

Some experts say we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time when technology is transforming our world. This means jobs are rapidly springing up in new and exciting places. You could be a machine learning technologist developing artificial intelligence (AI) systems, to a software developer creating the code for the Internet of Things – the interconnected world of smart devices all around us.

And as new threats emerge, there is increasing demand for cybersecurity consultants to keep us safe from hackers. If this sounds like your thing, check out our guide to finding work experience in the diverse world of technology careers.

Shape the future with an Engineering career

Look up from your screen and you’ll see something created by an engineer – in fact, an engineer designed your screen as well. Engineers are behind the buildings we live in and the vehicles that get us around as well as the virtual world we inhabit every day and the devices we use to navigate it.

If you have a creative streak and a knack for solving problems, you could literally change the world with a career in engineering. Engineers are needed more than ever as we fight climate change – designing new, improved wind turbines, more efficient electric car engines and zero-carbon buildings.


Careers in Science with bp

At bp, we are using and developing technology to deliver energy in amazing new ways, transforming our business and allowing us to play our part in steering the world towards a lower carbon future.

Science is the foundation of our business – from exploring new energy resources to developing innovative lower-carbon products. At bp, you’ll kickstart your career by applying your academic achievements and knowledge to tackling real-world problems.

Join our digital team, and you’ll become part of the progress that’s reshaping not just our business, but our entire industry. We’re an innovation and technology company at heart. We harness the power of digital to revolutionise the way we deliver heat, light, mobility and materials to the world.

Check out some science and digital-based roles below:


Interested in Maths? Have a look at Careers with KPMG!

At KPMG, we love seeing young talent become part of our inclusive community, using their unique skills and talents to take their passion forward — gaining real-world experience, training, and qualifications.

Join us as an Audit apprentice, where you will focus on delivering high quality audits using an investigative approach, learning about the components that make a successful business. You’ll begin to use new technologies and tools such as artificial intelligence and predicative analytics to analyse data and produce quality audit outcomes.

You'll have the resources and support you need to thrive with us and reach your full potential!