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Youth Parliament

With elections upcoming for the UK Youth Parliament, we are publishing the candidate's "mini manifesto" as they contact us.  Check back for more information about the voting nearer to election day in March!

What is this all about?

UK Youth Parliament is a politically neutral organization run by teens across the county, in which aims to give young people between the ages of 11 to 18 the voice they deserve. It also enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the country or even the world for the better. Members of UK Youth Parliament have the opportunity to debate in the House of Commons (only them and MPs have this privilege). Essentially, the UKYP is very important for young people. However not enough of them know about it or how they can help us MYP to make a change. Visit for more information. Previous campaigns include lowering bus fares for under 18s, an equal national minimum wage for all, marriage for all and the main campaign: 'A Curriculum for Life' - with the aim to improve lessons of life skills, sex education and preparation for work. 
The election begins on 10th March and ends on 16th March, during this time all 11-18 year olds will have the chance to vote for a candidate in their area. Voting is done by text this year, and the costs are completely free. It's important that these young people use their votes - as many don't know about UKYP, so their votes are wasted.
Candidate: Kieren Buxton (NDHS)

My name is Kieren Buxton and I am 15 years old. I currently go to Notre Dame High School and I take the subjects English, Maths, Double Science, Religious Education, Spanish, Business and Physical Education. I will stay on at Notre Dame High School for sixth form where I will take part in the subject Politics. I currently live in Great Yarmouth but as I go to Norwich and also spend most of my time in Norwich on weekends, I feel like it would favour me to stand for Norwich South to become a member of youth parliament.

I would make a brilliant MYP (member of youth parliament) because I can listen to and talk to people. This will involve me talking to people inside and outside my school and also plotting suggestion boxes around schools and youth/sport clubs around Norwich South where I will read people's ideas, problems or issues and try to act on them and succeed in my role. I will also go out to other school's some morning's or lunchtimes if anyone would like to speak with me in person and I will also be available to be contacted via e-mail. I want to achieve in encouraging my generation to get involved and together we can make a difference. We do not want to be the lost generation. I also have new ideas to bring forward.

If I become successful, three main agendas that are problems in (not only Norfolk) around the UK are Votes for 16, Youth Unemployment and ''Lost Generation''. These three issues have been three of the top issues and most important to youth people. I would like to encourage the scheme voting for 16 and 17 year olds. This will mean that 16 and 17 year olds will also be able to vote in council elections and general elections as well as youth parliament elections. For youth unemployment, I would propose ideas of how to solve youth unemployment which would include learning how to write CV's in schools, more work experience opportunities and more apprenticeship opportunities. For the agenda ''Lost Generation'', I would encourage schools to teach finance, sexual education and politics in schools as these were the top 3 subjects students said they would like to learn more about. I would also encourage youth to get involved into politics as adults worry that our generation will be the lost generation and together as one, we can prove them wrong and be successful!

Youth Parliament elections will be taking place from the 10th March - 16th March 2014. To vote in this election, you are required to use your mobile phones. You don't even have to worry about credit as the text will be free. On the week commencing March 10th, the phone number to vote for me on will appear on the website.

Candidate: Tallulah Self (Taverham High)

Can you think of things that you would change in today’s society? Cheaper bus fares for under 18s? A curriculum to actually prepare you for your future, life and work? Better mental health support for young people, to help teens suffering in silence?

My name is Tallulah Self, I’m 14 and from Taverham and I’m standing for election to be a member of the UK Youth Parliament. With your votes, WE can make the changes most relevant to your lives. I know that I’d be a successful MYP, because I have a strong commitment to representing your views and to make them heard. I come from a normal background, meaning that I have a strong awareness of the real issues us young people face in today’s harsh society, from my own personal experiences and ones of the people around me.

I want to prove that dedication and passion can shine through; even if, like myself, you’re not as loud as others. I feel that if I were elected, this journey would help me gain confidence. I would always be there to listen to others’ views and ideas, because it’s YOU that matters.

Don’t be part of the lost generation – Text Elect Tallulah to 80800 and give yourself the voice you deserve.