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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Years 12 - 13

Why study this subject?

Mathematics encourages students to think logically and develop the skills and knowledge required for solving a wide range of practical or abstract problems. You will need to work hard and be determined to master the skills and techniques required by the course.

In Year 12, students develop their independent study skills throughout the course, extending their knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and sequences. Students are also introduced to the new concepts of differentiation and integration. In year 13, students will learn how to model mechanical processes, apply new skills and techniques to more complex problems and continue to extend their algebraic knowledge and understanding.


Where does this subject lead me?

Mathematics is a well-respected and sought after qualification for a wide variety of Higher Education courses; it is essential for a degree in mathematics or physics.

Logical thinking and problems involving skills are highly valued in the work place and lucrative industries like IT, banking and the stock market need people confident in using mathematics on a daily basis.


Course name & exam board

Exam board AQA.

Syllabus codes

A Level Maths 7357

A Level Further Maths 7367

More information can be found here {link to page below}


Key contact for interested students

Mr Ben Gallacher (Head of Maths department).


Details of what the course covers

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Entry requirements

GCSE Grade 5 Mathematics (7 to 9 recommended) ... Click here