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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Year 9

Topics studied by our Year 9 Mathematicians include:-

Number Properties & Calculations (F) ... Addition, subtraction, coversion, mental strategies, multiplication, division, decimals, £ & pence, square roots, cubes & roots, index notation, index laws, positive power, prime factor decomposition, HCF/LCM, laws of arithmetic, brackets, using a calculator, negative numbers.

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages & Ratio (F) ... Addition & subtraction, fraction to decimal conversion, fractional equivalents, denominators, recurring decimals, division, inverse calculation, interpreting division as a multiplicative inverse, multiplication, comparison using equivalence, outcomes.

Sequences, Expressions, Formulae & Equations (F) ... Output of complex functions, constucting expressions, generate terms from complex practical context, two-step linear equations, linear sequence, complex algebraic expressions & formulae, subject of formulae, using distributive law and index law.

Statistics (F) & (H) ... Mode, range, median, frequency tables, data, diagrams, charts, graphs, using ICT, statistical enquiry, simple distribution, accuracy of data, calulation of data, two-way tables, questionnaires, surveys, modelling, data logging, pie charts, interpretation, comparison, identification of jey feaures, frequency polygons, estimation, primary data collection,

Multiplicative Reasoning (F) & (H) ... Use units of measurement in calculation, length, area, volume, mass, times and angles, division, reducing ratio, proportion, unitary method, metric equivalents, imperial measures, algebraic representation, grids, value, 2D shapes, compound measures, rates & related formulae.

Geometric Formulae & Reasoning (F) ... Measurement, perimeters, shape, formulae expression, letter symbols, calculation, area, equation, notation, prisms, cylinders, Pythagorus; theorum, upper and lower bounds, names & parts of shape.

Probability (F) ... Experimental data, two-way tables, outcomes, language of probability, calculation, comparison, indentifying conditions etc.

Graphs (F) & Non-Linear Graphs (H) ... Shapes, line graphs, interpret information, plot graphs, linear function, quadrants, symbols, distance-time problem solving, sequences, lines, simultaneous equation,

Geometry in 2D & 3D (F) & (H) ... Indentification, alternate angles, simple drawings, measurement, accuracy, sums of angles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, distance, midpoints, line segment, volume of shape, using mathematical equipment, loci, prism.

Law of Indices & Standard Form & Surds (H) ... Index laws, powers, expression, square roots & cubes, estimates, multiplication & division, reciprocal of number/fractions, surds, exact representations and decimal approximations.

Inequalities Equations & Formulae (H) ... Construction, square root, identity, equations, formulae, functions, multiplying brackets, linear inequalities, index laws, factorisation, algebraic fractions, finding variables, expressions.

Quadratics (H)

Graphical & Algebraic Solutions (H)

Mathematical Reasoning & Proof (H)

Click the link below to access a copy of the booklet which is issued to all Year 9 Maths students at the beginning of the academic year. (Please note that there are two variations, the Foundation level and the Higher level)