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UCAS Apply 2020

After you've sent off your application you can see how it's progressing by logging in to the UCAS online system Track

  • You can start doing this afteryou have been sent a Welcome email.
  • Log in anytime with the Personal ID in your letter/email, along with the password you used when applying.
  • You will be contacted by email to the address you added in your application whenever there's an update.


If a university or college is considering you they might invite you to an interview or audition.

  • If so it will be after that they'll decide whether to make you an offer.
  • If they don't have an interview process they'll make a decision from your application.


If you do get an offer it'll be conditional or unconditional.

  • Either way that means they liked your application, so if you accept the offer the place is yours, as long as you can meet any conditions (which are based on the entry requirements).
  • We'll email you saying there's been an update whenever an offer comes in – click on the course provider or course code in Track to view offer letters and any conditions.
  • After that, when all the universities/colleges you chose have made their decisions then you'll reply to your offers.

Conditional offers

These show what conditions you have to meet to get your place confirmed.

  • So for most people this means waiting for results  in the summer to see if they meet the conditions.
  • They could be a combination of grade, scores or subjects – as explained in the entry requirements and Tariff info.

A conditional offer might look something like this.

  • A levels grade AAB with A in chemistry and at least two other sciences or mathematics.
  • 160 UCAS Tariff points including BTEC 18-unit Diploma Pass Pass Pass.
  • Advanced Diploma Progression Diploma Grade A in Creative and Media, plus an A level at Grade B for Additional and Specialist Learning.
  • 220 UCAS Tariff points of which at least 160 must be obtained from 2 A levels or equivalent excluding General Studies. Equivalent qualifications can include GCE/VCE Single or Double Award, BTEC and OCR Nationals, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers but do not include AS Awards and BTEC QCF Certificate.

You have until 31 August 2014 to meet the conditions for courses starting in the 2014 cycle (or deferred until 2015) – unless you agree something else with the university/college.

Unconditional offers

These mean you've already met the entry requirements, so the place is yours if you want it!

  • But first check the offer to see if there's anything else you need to do.
  • Even though you've already met the academic requirements, you might also need to get a DBS check, provide proof of your qualifications or meet some financial/medical requirements.

Other decisions

Withdrawn application

  • A course choice can be withdrawn by either you or the university/college.
  • The reason will show up in Track – maybe you didn't respond to emails/letters they sent, or missed an interview.

Unsuccessful application

  • This means they've decided not to offer you a place on the course.
  • Sometimes they'll give a reason, either with their decision or at a later date – if not you can contact them to ask if they'll discuss the reason with you.

Don't worry if you don't get any offers though – you might be able to add extra choices now, or look for an alternative course.

You can only reply when you've received all your decisions.

  • If you have an unconditional offer you can select it now to confirm your place.
  • If your offers are conditional on exam results or other requirements, you can pick two so you have an extra one as a backup.

Types of reply

Firm acceptance

This is your first choice.

  • If it's an unconditional offer the place is yours! So that course provider will expect you as their student.
  • Or if it's conditional the place is yours if you meet the entry requirements. So just in case you don't, you can pick a second offer as a backup – your insurance acceptance:

Insurance acceptance

The backup choice to a conditional firm acceptance.

  • If you're choosing an insurance go for something with lower entry requirements – make sure it's somewhere you'd still be happy to go to though.
  • That way if your results are lower than expected you might still meet the conditions at your insurance choice, then you'd have your place confirmed there.
  • Remember, you'll only attend your insurance choice course if you don't meet the conditions of your firm choice but you do meet the conditions of your insurance. You can't choose between your firm and insurance when you get your results, so make sure you're happy with which is your firm and which is your insurance before you reply.


Then you need to decline everything else. Or if you decide you don't want to accept any of the offers you can decline them all and either add more courses in UCAS Extra service or see what courses still have vacancies later on in UCAS Clearing service.