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Results and other school data

2019 Results – ‘Take 1’ summary 

The whole community congratulated our Y11 and VI Form students of the class of 2019 on their excellent achievements. We look forward to a successful Prize Evening in December 2019.

Part 1 - A Level

We are all extremely pleased and proud of our students and the superb A level results they achieved. The whole school community has worked hard to gain these excellent results. We wish all our departing hard-working students the very best for their futures.

a. Attainment summary I

b. Attainment summary II

c. Values Added - ALPS - summary I

Using the ALPS system, we gained a ‘2’ - this is ‘outstanding’ progress. This is based on national datasets.  There is a contextual issue – it aligns within 2,800 centres and so, in 2019, ND was placed in the top 10% of ALPS centres, whereas there are 4,400 national centres.

d.  National Value Added = 0.11

o   Students overall achieved better than ‘expected’ and improved compared to 2018. 

o   The 2019 measures of 0.11 equalled c1/10 grade higher than expected outcomes.

o   This placed us within the top 22%+ of schools & colleges

o   It was identified as ‘Sig.+’ meaning significantly positive compared to national.


e. Our disadvantaged students averaged grade C. Disadvantaged students are those who attract pupil premium funding at the end of key stage 4, meaning students claiming free school meals at any point in the previous six years, students in care, and those who left care through adoption or another formal route. The performance of disadvantaged students is compared with the local authority and the England average for 'other', where other means non - disadvantaged students.  The Value added for this group was 0.15. So positive.

f. Destinations summary

School performance pages
• View our performance page on the Department for Education website.
• View our official school data for our 16-19 provision.
• Student destinations for 2019 will be viewable on our Careers page.                              

Part 2 – GCSE

Our students achieved very good GCSE results again this year under the full new 1-9 system.
Our results have held steady and are broadly in line with last year’s results.  The year group’s prior attainment was in line with last year’s, although with slightly more complex pastoral issues.  

Students at NDHS continue to place great effort in their GCSE examinations.  The 3 key [provisional] measures for our school with 197 Year 11 students are as follows:
• Our Progress 8 score is +0.51
o We are holding to this level over a 3-year period with an ambition for students to do better than ½ grade on average compared to national in future
o Pupil Premium students 0.37
• Our Attainment 8 score is 55.4
o compared with 56.6% 2018
o in 2019 Pupil Premium [PP] students: 49.1 2019 and Non-PP 56.5%
o in 2019 Attainment gap comparing PP with Non-PP is 0.7 of a gap.
• 62% of students achieved Grade 5 or above in English and Maths
o compared with 65% 2018
o in 2019 Pupil Premium students: 48% 2019 and Non-PP 64%
• 81% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in English and Maths
o compared with 88% 2018
o in 2019 Pupil Premium students: 72% 2019 and Non-PP 83%
• 63% of students were entered for the EBacc with 43% achieving a 4+ and 30% a 5+
o compared with 69% 2018
o in 2019 Pupil Premium students: 53% 2019 and Non-PP 64%
 14% PP and 32% Non-PP a 5+
 32% and PP 45% Non-PP a 4+


g. Destinations summary 

a. Enquiry

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