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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Marking & Assessment

The student booklet & exercise books.

Each pupil has a pupil booklet that is used to track their progress and details the material that they will study throughout the year. At the bottom of this page there is an extract taken from the Year 10 booklet (Year 10 learning checklist) to act as an example for parents.

Although pupil booklets are normally kept in their school file, students are encouraged to take this home regularly. The school file is where all formally assessed work is kept and the pupils use their exercise books for practice and consolidation only. The pupil’s books will be monitored by the teacher in order to help students improve their logical working and to check that work has been completed. Work will be marked or checked in class but will not be formally assessed by the teacher.


A variety of homework tasks will be set which will include but not be limited to;

Worksheets {consolidation}

Online tasks {immediate feedback, reinforcement and revision}

Formal Homework: These will be assessed using the six skills or sixth skills marking policy with targets set by the student a peer or by the teacher.

Research/Group presentation these will be peer assessed by success criteria.

Other homework may be marked in class or online with class feedback.

Each class will follow a homework routine based on

Y7- 9  30 – 60 mins per week

Y10 - 11 60 – 90 mins per week

Y 12 - 13  As required, but should be at least two hours per week including preparation and wider reading.

Key Assessments

These will be formally assessed by the class teacher using the six skills or sixth skills. Targets will be set based on positive comments and skills targets.


Summative feedback with level or grade indicated. Indication of errors made in the six skills. This is then followed by the test review cycle.

Review Cycle         

This follows a two part process

Part 1 Test questions review, target setting & tracking {Pupil booklet}

Part 2 Review sheet and individual feedback.