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Why learn German for GCSE?

German is no longer offered by many schools in Norfolk. So give yourself a competitive edge, be different, learn German and stand out from the crowd.

German is easier to learn than you think because it's related to English. With a reasonable amount of effort and the right approach to learning, most students can expect to do well.

Travel and Tourism

Germany is a short flight away. You can ski or snowboard in the mountains, sunbathe by the lakes, visit the Berlin Film Festival or the Oktoberfest in Munich. It is a great country to travel in - discover the people, the culture and the cities. Anyone who can speak German can communicate with around 100 million people in their own language, for German is not only spoken in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland and in many other countries in Europe. Germans love to travel and you are bound to meet them on holidays abroad, particularly in Greece and Spain.

How is the subject taught?

Pupils are expected to be active participants in the learning process and be willing to try to communicate in the language. We enjoy excellent results at GCSE with 100% pass rate and most pupils achieve the higher grades. The exam board is Edexcel.


  Year 10 Year 11
Aut.1 Theme 3: School
Main grammar areas:
verbs in the present tense, cases including adjective endings, word order
Theme 2: Local area, holiday and travel
Town, region, country
Aut.2 Theme 3: School
Main grammar areas:
3 tenses
Theme 4: Future aspirations, study and work
Mock exam preparation
Spr.1 Theme 1: Identity and culture
family and personal relationships, free time activities, sport, celebrations
Theme 5: International and global dimension:
Festivals, global problems
Exam preparation
Spr.2 Theme 1: Identity and culture
tv, cinema, daily routine, media
mock exam preparation
Exam preparation
Sum.1 Mock exam preparation
Theme 5: International and global dimension
Exam preparation
Sum.2 Mock exam preparation
Theme 1: Identity and culture
Healthy eating and lifestyle

Career Pathways

Improved Career Prospects

Speaking German will improve your job prospects, not just in Germany but also in the UK and many other countries worldwide. You will develop your communication and analytical skills. Germany is the most important trading partner for many European and non-European countries. 

Businesses are eager to recruit people with language qualifications. In many companies a foreign language will be the deciding factor when two candidates have similar qualifications. Graduates with German have some of the best employment prospects after the medical professions. Knowledge of German is a real asset for students and scientists. If you can read German, you have access to a whole host of research findings in all areas of modern science as many texts are still only accessible in German.  Understanding and speaking German will enable you to gain a much deeper insight into the history and culture of the heart of Europe.

Career Options

You can watch a great series of videos of young people who are working in jobs that use foreign languages on the BBC Bitesize website.

For example careers leading from this subject  click here.