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Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame
High School

Attitude to Learning

Attitude to learning statements

We directly guide students as to the attitudes, habits and behaviours for learning we value and wish them to develop within the Notre Dame ethos. We report with these criteria:

A2L grade



Outstanding (1)

Highly self-motivated students who take full responsibility for all aspects of their learning. They challenge themselves to exceed previous achievements.  They act on all feedback. They show resourcefulness / initiative. They want to explore their understanding beyond the basic objectives of the lesson, for example by reading ahead of or beyond the curriculum.



Conscientious students who take a keen interest in their learning. They wish to achieve their best.  Any issues with homework or effort in class are very rare. They are aware of their target grade and generally act on feedback but may lack resourcefulness / initiative / resilience at times.

Needs to improve


Students who are inconsistent in taking responsibility for their learning. They need to be reminded about homework, equipment or punctuality and may be easily distracted. They are capable of distinguishing what they need to do to enhance their learning but often choose not to do so, ‘playing safe’ rather than challenging themselves.

They occasionally act on feedback but in a tokenistic manner.

Cause for concern


Students who are unprepared to learn, whose poor attitude adversely affects their own learning and that of others.

Behaviour, homework, equipment and punctuality are a regular issue which undermines quality of teaching.

They lack or avoid using the skills required to develop their understanding, showing little motivation to do so.

They ignore feedback on how to improve and make little or no progress as a result.