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Appraisal of Teaching staff (Performance Development)

We have renamed Performance Management to Performance Development, as part of our review of research evidence on best practice with regards appraisal. Our Performance Development process is designed to ensure that:

  • students at Notre Dame have highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers;
  • teachers feel supported in their ongoing journey of reflection;
  • teachers develop self-efficacy;
  • teachers have access to high quality CPD opportunities;
  • teachers are enabled to progress in their careers at the optimal rate for them.

All teaching staff and their line managers should refer to to the NDHS Key Systems Handbook on the school network.


Our aims for Performance Development:

At Notre Dame we aim to:

  • Divorce accountability from development.
  • Develop a fair and useful process.
  • Ensure that that the process is a two-way conversation that involves listening (hence PD, not PM).
  • Ensure that staff are praised for what is working, that they keep doing it and enhance that practice.
  • Develop a process that is a continuous chain of activity, and not a one-off meeting.
  • Create implementation goals that predict potential setbacks and plan for them.
  • Create goals that are directive, energise and increase knowledge.
  • Be learning focussed not outcome focussed.
  • Monitor progress towards goals and support through coaching and mentoring.
  • Develop goals that are SMART.


Our Performance Development cycle:


What is our assessment of teacher performance based upon?

Teachers’ performance is assessed against the appropriate Teachers’ Standards (see link below), their role in school and their performance development goals.

Statutory changes now mean that pay progression since September 2014 for teachers on M1 through to M6, as well as those seeking to access UPS 1-3, will now directly linked to meeting performance criteria. 

The government now requires OFSTED inspections to make a comment about performance development and professional development, including the link between performance development and pay progression as part of their judgement on the quality and impact of leadership and management within the school.  This will mean that when they inspect the quality of teaching they will consider the extent to which the ‘Teachers Standards’ are met as well as the link made between Performance Development and pay progression.


Key Performance Development forms:

The following documents are to be used by line managers when conducting Performance Development meetings. Refer to the T&L Key Systems Handbook for more information about how to use them, and when in the academic year:


Advice and guidance documents for staff: