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Week 38: Be a Rock!

In Greek, the word for rock or stone is Petros. 

Jesus gave Peter his name as it means rock and said that the church would be built on his leadership. 




Sacred Time & Next week's Assembly schedule 

Next Week:

Mon: Y7 Assembly Cancelled (to allow the vote)

Tues: Y8 Assembly Cancelled (Y8 Work-shadowing Day)

Wed: Y9 Assembly Cancelled

Fri: Y10 Assembly (Sports Hall) on Post-16 Options 

Teacher Announcements 


Please can Form Tutors pick up their ballots from their pigeonholes ready for the vote on Monday.


Both the photocopiers in Reprographics are fully functioning again.

Sponsored Walk Folders

Just a couple of folders to return to the Finance Team.  Please make this a priority for today.

Hustings: Get ready to vote!

Please can staff vote via the box in the staff room.

The Y7-10 vote will take place in registration on Monday 8th. 

Then send your collected ballots down to the Canteen.

Sports Day Update 

Sports Day Itinerary Tuesday 16th July 2024
08:45am Yr. 7 to meet on the Lower Playground with Form Tutors and assemble as per Fire Evac
08:50am Yr. 8 to meet on the Lower Playground with Form Tutors and assemble as per Fire Evac
09.00am Yr. 9 to Lower Playground with Form Tutors and assemble as per Fire Evac
09.00am Yr. 10 to Lower Playground with Form Tutors and assemble as perFire Evac

  • Pupils are to set up camp in the designated year group area on the field, they are allowed to walk around and watch events.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should pupils ever cross the track.
  • Competitors in every throwing event must stay behind throwing lines. They only throw when instructed by a member of staff.
  • Maps and order of events will be with your section head (usually HOY)
  • Competitors to collect their house bibs on arrival at the sports field.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO BALL GAMES (footballs, tennis balls etc) to be brought to the field
  • If you are competing you must wear your full ND PE kit and house bib
  • Bring packed lunch, plenty of drinks, sun cream and umbrellas!
  • This year we have an ice cream van, please bring some money if you wish to have an ice cream.
  • Anyone not participating to wear full school uniform
  • Medals will be distributed at the end of your event
  • If you have a track event and throw event at the same time, register with the throw and go straight to the track event, then go back to throw afterwards


Thank you for your support and assistance



YAB Group

Please drop off your completed permission forms to Mr Savage's Office

Lake Garda Music Tour Change of Departure time

We will now be departing 90 minutes earlier than scheduled. This means you need to be at NDHS with all of your luggage/equipment at the earlier time of 11:30am ready for a 12:30pm departure. Meet under the canopy on the lower playground.


Mrs Orton is not in on Friday. ALL cheer teams will have a practice on Thursday after school. 

This means if you are in level 1 or level 2 you will have training Thursday 3:30 - 5

Please let her know if you cannot make it - This will be your last training session all together before show day!!!

Room Changes 


Fri 5th July 

AM Reg 

10AHI move from M31 to M30 


9H-MU KSE move from 14 to 15 

12B-EC ASW move from 35 to 34 

12B-PY3 SPI move from J23 to J22 

8Y-TE4 ERH move from P18 to P19 

10Y-CS3 CMO move from P25 to P23 

12B-FR AHI move from M31 to M30 


10B-PEg2 JKI move from M33 to S29 

12B-FR AHI move from M31 to M30 


10Y-FR1 AHI move from M31 to M35 


7B-CM MRO move from L24 to P19 

12C-CH2 NKA move from P21 to P30 


10Y-PS ASA move from M31 to L24 


Mon 8th July 


12C-PY1 ERI move from J22 to S28 


9X-EN2 KFR move from 23 to L24 

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