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    Student Reports

    We currently release three termly reports a year for years 7 to 10 and year 12 and two reports for year 11 and year 13.  Each report includes a judgement on your child's attitude to learning, an indication of their progress, a grade for their current standard of work taken from recent assessments and a grade to aspire to. Year 11, 12 and 13 reports will also include a forecast grade - a teacher judgement on what they are likely to achieve in their exams, based on current work and recent assessments. These are explained in more detail below: 

    Reporting Schedule 2018-2019

    We publish each report as per the schedule below:


    Autumn Term

    Spring Term

    Summer Term

    Parents' Evening Dates





    20th June





    4th April





    14th March





    2nd May





    31st Jan





    16th May





    6th Dec

    The School Reports are released in PDF format through the school’s MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) system which can be accessed by clicking here.  Parents will receive the School ID and their login details via email at the start of the academic year.

    You will need the free Adobe Acobat Reader software installed on your computer to view School Reports & Progress Trackers.  Click here to download the latest version for free.

    Reporting Areas Explained

    Progress indicator

    This indicator shows whether your child is making the progress we think they are capable of in relation to a minimum expected grade. We use Fischer Family Trust to set each child's minimum expected grade in each subject. If your child is meeting, below or above this grade their progress indicator will say "Working at Expected", "Working Towards" or "Working Above" respectively. 

    Fischer Family Trust process data from the National Pupil Database for the Department for Education. They compare what children get in their year 6 SATS to what they went onto achieve at GCSE. They use this information to provide schools with estimated grades (our minimum expected grades) for each child in each subject - these grades are what that child is likely to achieve given their SATS scores and what children with the same/similar SATS score achieved in the past.

    Attitude to Learning

    This is a statement selected from 1 - Outstanding to 4 - Cause for Concern which best describes the effort and degree to which your child is active in class and takes responsiblity for their learning. For detailed definitions click here.

    Cause for Concern

    Noted if there are behaviour (BEH), or organisational (ORG) or Homework (HMW) concerns.

    Please discuss these with your child and contact the subject teacher by email using the email format . Refer to your child's Timetable page in MCAS for teacher names.

    Running Assessment Grade

    This is an average of recent assessements. 9-1 grades are used for Years 7-11 and A*-E for Years 12-13.

    Forecast Grade - (Years 11,12 & 13 only)

    A teacher prediction of what your child could achieve at GCSE or A LEVEL based on recent work and assessments.

    - 9-1 grade for Years 10 to 11

    - A*-E for Years 12 and 13

    Aspiration Grade

    An aspirational grade which we believe the student can achieve - challenging, motivational and achievable.


    These are comments written by the subject teachers for either general points of information, or where appropriate for students whose Progress is at “Working Toward”.