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    Year 8

    Details of all Year 8 topics can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

    In Year 8 each teaching group is taught topics on a rotas basis, meaning that different groups may not be studying the same topics at the same time. However, we assess all groups at the same times in the school calendar, on 3 topics at a time. The year starts with an assessment of all Year 7 content.

    1. 8A Food and Nutrients Checklist
    2. 8B Plant Reproduction Checklist
    3. 8C Breathing and Respiration Checklist
    4. 8D Unicellular Organism Checklist
    5. 8E Combustion Topic Learning Checklist
    6. 8F Periodic Table Learning Checklist
    7. 8G Metals Uses Topic Learning Checklist
    8. 8H Rocks Topic Learning Checklist
    9. 8I Fluids Checklist
    10. 8J Light Checklist
    11. 8K Energy Transfers Checklist
    12. 8L Earth and Space Checklist