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    Welcome to Walsingham House. Click in the sidebar to view some of the events students from Walsingham House have been involved with.

    Forms in Walsingham House include:- 7ABK, 7SDY, 8SDV, 8AEA, 9GKI, 9DMC, 10APR, 10CEL, 11KFR, 11MRO, 12OIY, 12TJO, 12LTW, 13CJA, 13MAR and 13BGA.

    House points awarded to students at various events to date (July 17) include:-

    Best attendance ... 75 points

    Young Chef competition ... 250 points

    Year 10 Spanish competition ... 80 points

    Hispanovision ... 100 points

    Cross Country ... 1000 points

    Tower Poetry competition ... 450 points

    Maths Challenges ... 3285 points

    Spanish Memrise competition ... 1000 points

    Carnegie Book Group ... 20 points