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    Sixth Form Facilities & Services

    There a number of facilities and services available for Sixth Form students at Notre Dame.  Here you will find a pen portrait of those and contact details.  If you would like to know more, please ask your Tutor, Assistant Director of Sixth Form.

    Catering Facilities:

    Sixth Form students have access to several food outlets.  The main one is the school refrectory, however there are also "Quick Picks", "Centre2" and food available through the "Centre6" Common Room.  

    Learning Resource Centre:

    We have a large library and learning resource centre available 4 days a week 8am-5pm and Friday from 8am to 4.30pm for Sixth Form use.  The LRC is a quiet study area.  It includes dozens of work stations, a computer room for Sixth Form only use, daily newspapers, DVD rental and access to the school wi-fi.


    Sixth Formers have access to a newly re-furbished common room area, complete with comfy furniture, free wi-fi and food/drinks available.  This is a social space and is run by the Sixth Form Council

    Sixth Form Council:

    Council is made up of the Head Students and 2 reps from each of the 18 form groups in Years 12-13.  We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday lunchtime in M22.  Senior staff attend to hear views and get feedback from students. Students chair and run the meeting.

    Sixth Form Study Facilities:

    In addition to the Learning Resource Centre, a number of spaces around the school site are made into Sixth Form study areas.  The refectory, outside of break and lunch time, is good for group work.

    Enrichment Hour:

    Led by Mr Pritchard, there is an hour on the timetable (currently Wednesday Period 3, Week B) where we get speakers from education, industry and employers in to talk about their work to help students get a better understanding of the jobs market.  Details of the program can be found on the "Enrichment" section of the website.


    Every year we run the AQA Bacc, led by Mr Pritchard, which gives some student the chance to work towards an extra qualification which included an extended essay, enrichment hours and presentation work.  Details of the program can be found on the "AQABacc" section of the website.

    Renaissance Project:

    Working together with our colleagues in "Higher Opportunities" we run a series of events and support for pupils thinking of applying for Oxbridge or Russell Group universities.  Led by our expert, Mr Bishop, details can be found by clicking on the "Renaissance" pages on the website.

    Progress Manager:

    Sixth Forms students are given academic support by their teachers, Heads of Department and Form Tutor team. For those students who are not yet achieving their full potential the team will offer organisational, motivational and practical support to help promote progress.  

    Sports Facilities:

    Sixth Form students have access to a wide variety of sports facilities including all-weather tennis courts, a gym, basketball courts and access to various school teams.  Please see the PE Department for details.

    "Help When You Need It":

    We know that life in the Sixth Form isn't always easy.  We have a number of staff there to help you when you need it, led by Ms Jones, they include our Lay Chaplain Mr Savage, Pastoral Support Worker Mrs Townly and Student & Family Support Workers.  Referrals are usually through either your Form Tutor or Assistant Director of Sixth Form.

    Community Literacy Scheme:

    We like to get the Sixth Form engaged with younger students and dozens of our students help Yr7s with their reading every year.  If you'd like to get involved with this important project, please see Mr Pritchard.