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    Learning Support (including SEN)


    Notre Dame is an inclusive school where every child is valued and respected. We are committed to the inclusion, progress and independence of all of our students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We work to support our students to make progress in their learning, their emotional and social development, and their independence. We aim to create a learning environment which is of high quality but we also actively work to support the learning and needs of all members of our community.

    Mrs Aldred is our SENCO (Special Needs Coordinator), responsible for co-ordinating the learning of all SEN students at Notre Dame. Please get in touch with her if you wish to discuss your child’s SEN needs or if you are concerned that your child might have an SEN need.

    For more information about Special Educational Needs at Notre Dame please see our SEN Information Report.

    Year literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

    This year our projected funding for Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium is £8,500.  As of last year this is divided equally between Maths and English to pay for additional staffing to facilitate small groups / intervention work. The SEN department has also funded a package with 'Dyslexia Outreach' to provide bespoke intervention and resources for those students already noted as having dyslexia / dyslexic traits and any new additions to the register who have been identified through SENCo testing. We will also be liaising with the Free School to loo at becoming 'Dyslexia Friendly' ourselves.

    For the current Year 7 cohort we have already highlighted those individuals who would benefit from specific intervention and this will be in liaison with progress Tutor and Lead LSA who both specialise in targeted Literacy reinforcement and reiteration of class room topics, as well as basic spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    All pupils have been earmarked using a mixture of SEN testing, English department data and SENCo specific testing.

    In the last financial year we took the decision to withdraw a small group of Y7 SEN students from their 2nd language option of either French or German, based on department assessment results and basic literacy need. This was carried out in liaison with parents and also looking at difficulties in English raised through assessment or provided by feeder school data. Progress Tutor, English team and SENCo worked together regarding resources and specific strategies.

    The impact on the students that were withdrawn has been measurable in the data provided but immeasurable as far as self- confidence and self-esteem have been concerned. Students' writing has been scaffolded and key skills have been reinforced, leading to an overall improvement in their class room contribution and progress. Parental confirmation and thanks have meant that this was the right decision and we have been fortunate enough to timetable this to continue into Y8.

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