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    Revision Guidance

    Whether you are in Year 7 or Year 13, this area of the website has everything that you need to help you prepare for your exams.

    Click here to view the current Year 11 subject specific guidance for revision.

    Specific resources:

    Memory Information about ways in which to try to memorize information
    Revision techniques A presentation on common revision techniques, and how they compare in terms of effectiveness
    Revision planning How to design a useful revision timetable, whether using our template or an online tool (see 'tools' below).
    Revision planning tools

    Year 11s with exams in 2017 can download our revision timetable template, which includes the dates of all the exams (designed to print on A3 paper). There is also a revision calendar, and a Powerpoint presentation about revision techniques and the revision assembly presentation. You should also check our six learning strategies! Click here to access the 'ABC of Revision'

    Want to go electronic? There are a range of free websites for building revision plans. For example, click here.

    Revision guides This list of guides has been collated for GCSE students, based on which exam boards are followed at Notre Dame High school.

    The basics:

    • Find somewhere peaceful, without distractions, to revise.  Have everything you need so you can stay in one place.
    • Put your mobile away, and avoid using the internet / social media.
    • Let your friends know when you are revising, and when you are free to socialise. This will help them from distracting you.
    • Plan to work for about 30 to 60 minutes, then have a short break (perhaps have some water to drink) before doing more.
    • Factor in your commitments and hobbies when revising over several weeks: you need to allow yourself to relax and have fun still!
    • Plan rewards: when you do the revision you've planned to do, reward yourself. Motivation is important to success.

    Useful videos: