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    Results and other school data

    2018 Results – ‘Take 3’ summary 

    The whole community congratulated our Y11 and VI Form students of the class of 2018 on their excellent achievements. They also had a successful Prize Evening in December 2018.

    Part 1 - A Level

    Our A level performance put the quality of A level provision as very good using the ALPS value-added criteria of schools in the country. We only offer A levels.

    ·         A* – A grades: 25%          [27% 2017]

    ·         A*- B grades: 55%            [58% 2017]

    ·         A*-C grades: 81%             [81% 2017]

    ·         A*-E grades: 98%             [98.5% 2017]

    We use the ALPS system see   Our student progress measure gained ALPS grade 4 in 2018 which equals very good. This was true of 2017 too. Our 3 year average is 3.

    Notre Dame’s Head of School Neil Cully said in August 2018, ‘we are all extremely pleased and proud of our students and the superb A level results they achieved. The whole school community has worked hard to gain these excellent results. We are particularly pleased that 25% of grades are A – A*. A number of students gained A*s in their entirety of A levels. We wish all our departing hard-working students the very best for their futures.’

    The central government data is not yet available until January. However here are their key criteria:

    ·         Few students resit English & Maths due to our entry requirements

    o   3 counted towards English & 2  for Maths

    o   For English it was estimated at 1.00 & for Maths it was estimated at 1.00

    ·         The progress measure [value added score] for the A level results was 0.02 – so broadly in line with expectations. This falls within confidence range of -0.06 to 0.11.

    ·         Our ALPS which is 4 – so very good progress within the 2,800 schools within that system.  

    ·         The average grade for our A levels: B-  

    ·         For disadvantaged: C

    ·         Our progress measure was -0.38 for this group is a continued key group to focus on.

    ·         Student retention overall: 99%

    ·         Destinations:  

    -          Apprenticeship                            3.66%

    -          City College                                   5.76%

    -          Employment                                  3.14%

    -          Gap Year                                        8.38%

    -          Royal Navy                                    0.52%

    -          University                                      68%

    -          Seeking Employment                   0.52%

    -          Unknown                                       8.38%

    -          Restart Y13                                   0.52%


    Part 2 – GCSE

    The 2018 GCSE results of our Notre Dame students were very strong. 193 students in total.

    1a. Measure 1 - Basics (GCSE English & Maths) positive

    •  88% of students gained Grade 4 or higher
            (Grade 4 is the standard pass – equivalent to the former Grade C+) [87% 2017]
            With Pupil Premium eligible students gaining 79% Grade 4 or higher [61% 2017]
    •  65% of students gained Grade 5 or higher
           (Grade 5 is the good pass – equivalent to the top end of C/B part] [57% 2017]
           With Pupil Premium eligible students 47% Grade 5 or higher [32% 2017]

    1b. The EBacc measure

    The Ebacc is the measure for students who took English Language, English Literature, Science, a Modern Foreign Language and   either History of Geography – the latter which is optional. 

    ·    69% of our students entered these qualifications.

    ·    Ebacc grade 4-9: 52%% - if using a comparable, like for like, measure, it was 34% in 2017.

    ·    Ebacc grade 5-9: 36% (31% 2017) *

    *For the Grade 5 Ebacc grade last year it required just two grade 5s in English and Maths and grade Cs in the other Ebacc subjects. It now requires a grade 5 in all Ebacc subjects and a grade 5 is a low B/high C grade in terms of old GCSE grades. So these figures for last year factor this in now.

    See also

    2. Measure 2 - Attainment 8 positive

    Our Attainment 8 figure of best 8 GCSEs is 56.9 points compared to last year 53.35 points.

    Our Attainment 8 Average Grade is 5.7 to 1dp compared to Average Grade 5.3 to 1dp.

    Our Pupil Premium students is 49.8 points to 1dp compared to last year 44 points.

    Their Average Grade 4.9 compared to 4.4 last year.

    There is a 0.82 grade gap on this measure comparing Pupil Premium (4.98) with Non-Pupil Premium (5.8) so closing to just under the average typical grade gap which was true of 2017.

    3. Measure 3 - Progress 8 initially positive

    Our Progress 8 figure is 0.54 equivalent to just over ½ of a grade added value compared to expected outcomes. 

    And Pupil Premium Progress 8 is 0.29 equivalent to one-third of a grade added value compared to expected outcomes. 

    Nine Notre Dame Students gained four or more of the new grade 9s. One student gained seven grade 9s, and 4 grade 8s; and another gained seven grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, and 1 one grade 7. These impressive results overall demonstrate the commitment of our students to their exams and also that every single examination entry counts.

    Notre Dame’s Head of School Neil Cully said, ‘we are all extremely pleased and proud of these superb results achieved by our students, who have worked extremely hard with these new tougher GCSEs and have been rewarded with excellent grades. I have to pay tribute to all of our staff who have worked hard with the new GCSE courses and have enabled students to do so well.  We wish all our students the best for the future.’  

    4.  Destinations


    Total number


    In post 16 education



    At NDHS



    In post 16 training/apprenticeships



    At 6th Form college



    At school in Y12



    In further education



    Unknown (seeking employment, education or training)



    The results are also shown on the national school performance tables – see

    Paul Short

    Assistant Headteacher