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    Results and other school data

    2019 Results – ‘Take 1’ summary 

    The whole community congratulated our Y11 and VI Form students of the class of 2019 on their excellent achievements. We look forward to a successful Prize Evening in December 2019.

    Part 1 - A Level

    We are all extremely pleased and proud of our students and the superb A level results they achieved. The whole school community has worked hard to gain these excellent results. We wish all our departing hard-working students the very best for their futures.


    We only offer A levels and in 2019 the results were:

    • A* – A grades: 23%         [25% 2018; 27% 2017]
    • A*- B grades: 53%           [56% 2018; 58% 2017]
    • A*-C grades: 80%            [81% 2018; 81% 2017]
    • A*-E grades: 99%            [89% 2018; 98.5% 2017]

    Our A level performance put the quality of A level provision as very good using the ALPS value-added criteria of schools in the country. It shows ALPS 2 – technically ‘excellent’ but we are aware that high ALPS can in fact be National average progress. Our 3-year average is 3. This among 2,800 centres.

    Our internal progress measure shows 0.0 – so using 2018 algorithms, at national average. The progress measure [value added score] for the A level results was 0.02 in 2018 – so broadly in line with expectations. This falls within confidence range of -0.06 to 0.1. There are 4,400 national centres.

    The average grade for our A levels: B- as with the last two years.

    For disadvantaged: C.

    Our internal progress measure for this group is -0.09; and was -0.38 for this group in 2018. This a group of students with a priority focus.

    A number of subjects improved their performance from 2018.

    Student retention overall: 98%

    Destinations are tbc:  

    -          Apprenticeship                             

    -          City College                                    

    -          Employment                                   

    -          Gap Year                                         

    -          Armed Forces                                      

    -          University                                       

    -          Seeking Employment                    

    -          Unknown                                        

    -          Restart Y13



    Part 2 – GCSE

    Our students achieved very good GCSE results again this year under the full new 1-9 system.

    Our results have held steady and are broadly in line with last year’s results, with all GCSEs now being the new 1-9s.  The year group’s prior attainment was in line with last year’s, although with slightly more complex pastoral issues.  The 3 key [provisional] measures for our school with 197 Year 11 students including 29 Pupil Premium students are as follows: 


    Measure 1 - Basics Grade 4 and 5+ English & Maths

    81% of students gained Grade 4 (Standard Pass – equivalent to the former Grade C+) [88% 2018]

    Pupil Premium 72% [of cohort] [78% 2018 [Non-PP 83%]


    62% of students gained Grade 5 (Good Pass – equivalent to the top end of C/B part] [65% 2018]  

    Pupil Premium 48% [of cohort] [47% 2018] [Non-PP 64%]


    Measure 2 - Attainment 8 

    Our Attainment 8 figure (best 8 GCSEs) is: 55.4 points (Average Grade 5.54) compared to last year 56.6 points (Average Grade 5.7.)

    Pupil Premium: 48.3 points (Average Grade 4.8) compared to last year 49 points (Average Grade 4.9)   [With non-PP Attainment 8 grade 5.66.]

    There is a 0.8 grade gap on this measure comparing Pupil Premium with Non-Pupil Premium so in line with last year, again just under a grade gap. Typical gap is 1.0 grade in outstanding schools.


    Measure 3 - Progress 8 

    Our provisional Progress 8 figure is: 0.54 equivalent to almost ½ of a grade added value compared to expected outcomes.   And Pupil Premium Progress 8 = 0.38 equivalent to almost one-third of a grade added value compared to expected outcomes. 


    Destinations tbc


    Total number


    In post 16 education



    At NDHS



    In post 16 training/apprenticeships



    At 6th Form college



    At school in Y12



    In further education



    Unknown (seeking employment, education or training)




    The results will ultimately be available on the national school performance tables – see


    P. Short, Assistant Headteacher