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    Renaissance (Oxbridge & Russell Group)

    Oxbridge, Medicine, Law, Russell Group “RENAISSANCE Group” support for competitive university places

    [2019 Renaissance Update: 
    Best of luck to our record-breaking 16 early entry offer holders this year:
     - 8 Oxford and Cambridge offer holders
     - 8 Medicine, Vet and Dentistry offer holders
    And we wish all our sixth form students all the best for all their destinations.]
    The "Renaissance Project" has been running very successfully for 6 years. There is no pressure to follow this route – we just help students with the ambitions they have, however high they may be. We offer a range of university-related activities, contacts, support and skills so students have the best chance of accessing future destinations. Students have successes every year, a recent extra success being a student gaining a place at an Ivy League USA University, alongside our usual successes in the following:

    ·         Oxford, Cambridge and USA applications

    ·         Medicine and Law courses

    ·         UCL / Imperial / St Andrews / other highly competitive universities and courses




    -       an average of 6 students per year in the last 4 years, across 14 subjects from Maths to Art History.

    Medicine and Law

    -       an average of 3 Medicine students per year in the last 4 years, including students taking Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry. For Law, this time span has also included 4 Oxbridge lawyers.


    What We Do – (the top 5 things)

    -       personal support tailored to the needs of Oxbridge, Medicine and Law applicants

    -       contact with previous high-achieving students in a wide range of subjects, and contact with legal, medical and Oxbridge staff

    -       personalised tutor statements, and extensive personal statement support

    -       personalised interview support (this year NDHS also hosted the Oxbridge Interview training for Norfolk teachers)

    -       student societies: Debating Club, Medicine Society, Literary Book Club… if you have a passion, or feel free start your own (it’s more impressive when you do!)


    What if I have a question?

    -       I am always interested in helping with questions or ideas in this area. For students outside Notre Dame at present, parents can email