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    Renaissance (Oxbridge & Russell Group)

    The “Renaissance Project” has been running very successfully for the last 5 years. At Notre Dame, alongside sixth-form studies, we offer a range of university-related activities, contacts, support and skills so that all students have the best chance of accessing future destinations. The Renaissance project itself is focussed on the destinations below, and students have yearly success, a recent new success being one student gaining a place at an Ivy League University. Students also have increasing levels of success across the following more usual, but still highly competitive destinations:

    ·         Oxford and Cambridge

    ·         Medicine and Law courses

    ·         UCL / Imperial / St Andrews / other highly competitive universities

    ·         Other highly competitive courses

    Our students have had great success in their recent applications, including all the above, with this year’s offers as follows:

    ·         8 Oxbridge ^

    ·         3 Medicine/Veterinary

    • 83 students gaining an offer from a Russell Group university

    From our 150 UCAS applicants, 55% have had offers from Russell Group universities, and 5% have had an Oxbridge offer. Oxbridge offers ranged across the full spread of curriculum areas, from Maths, Physics and Law to Music, Egyptology and Theology.

    ^          There were 9 Oxbridge offers this year, but one student turned Oxbridge down in favour of the best course for her subject in the country, which happens to be at St Andrews. At Notre Dame we help the students towards their goals; there is no pressure to “go for Oxbridge”, we just help the students see what they are capable of, and then the choice is theirs.

    These successes are achieved through a combination of informed advice, stimulating debating sessions, individual interview practice, group meetings, wider activities, and whenever possible, contact with experienced former students from a range of universities and subjects. We like to offer a personal service to tailor the UCAS application itself, to make the process as smooth and strong as possible.

    The seeds of a good university application can sometimes be sown in Y11; equally, after getting the foundations of the application built in Y12, we do still offer guidance to those who have trouble making choices at the start of Y13!  Some students are indecisive, or shy, or uncertain, and we specialise in bringing the best out of these students.

    We are looking to innovate in a changing and international educational climate, and therefore our work with EU universities is just beginning, and our first USA applicant is enjoying university in Columbia (in New York City) at this very moment.

    We like to help students on their journey, and if you are applying to Notre Dame from elsewhere, you can still email with questions about what we offer, or regarding the best A-level choices to take with us, to help you towards your ambitions.

    If you are reading this with a view to planning your future, we wish you well with your ambitions.

    Mr Bishop -