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    Welcome to Rome House

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    Rome House consists of the following forms:- 7RWI, 7SBD, 8JSE, 8HGR, 9CMO, 9MBK, 10HCA, 10AMC, 11JBO, 11JBR, 12ERH, 12LCO, 13ADY and 13BCP.

    Students from Rome house have managed to acquire a good number of house points for participating in various events during school time.  To date (July 17) these include:-

    Best attendance ... 75 points

    Young Chef competition ... 850 points

    Year 10 Spanish competition ... 40 points

    Hispanovision event ... 80 points

    Cross Country event ... 250 points

    Year 12 & 13 Arrow Trophy (boys) ... 500 points

    Tower Poetry competition ... 150 points

    Maths Challenges ... 1710 points

    Spanish Memrise competition ... 250 points

    Carnegie Book Group ... 80 points