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    Modern Foreign Languages

    Why MFL matters

    Proficiency in a foreign language is essential in today's ever-expanding community, not only for gaining skills in the art of communication with a wider group of people, but also for procuring a deeper knowledge and insight into a country's culture.

    What students study in these subjects

    Please click on the relevant subpage for the language they are studying and the year group your child is currently in.

    How your child is assessed

    In lower school your child is assessed termly in the languages they are studying.  From Year 10 your child will be preparing for internal assessments and external exams for two years.  Topics listed on the subpages are tested throughout the year.  Additionally, click here for details of our mocks and end of year tests


    Below are some useful websites to aid your child's language learning.

    Linguascope (username and password available from child's teacher)

    Memrise (your child can create their own account)

    Klar - German language learning website

    Aprender - Spanish website

    BBC - Bitesize

    Frances Cooke (Head of MFL Department)