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    What is “Citizenship?”

    If you are interested in the world and people around you, this is the subject for you. It helps you to make decisions for yourself on all sorts of issues. We are bombarded with information about things like the “media ethics”, the legal system, politics and people’s rights across the world, but most of us find it hard to work out what’s right and wrong. Citizenship helps you to develop the skills you need to decide for yourself. You will investigate issues that really matter and work out what can be done about them. You will also learn skills in taking action and presenting cases.


    What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?

    Citizenship is an exciting course to take for GCSE. It’s not just about sitting in classrooms but gets you out and about. You will be involved in a community activity which you plan and organise. You will plan a campaign for an issue that you choose and really care about. We get to make visits and speak to people who make the country tick!  The course builds on all sorts of things you have done before in English, Geography and History.


    What will I learn?

    If you are going to investigate current issues, you need to know how the world works. The course will help you to understand how an individual can change things, so it explores how we make laws, our place within the economy, what pressure groups do, and how we all relate to the rest of the world. The media are also important because they influence how we think – so we need to work out what their messages really mean. There is also a focus on communities, how we all live together, and our similarities and differences. The aim is to help you to understand and play a part in the world locally, nationally and internationally.