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    Year 7 Languages

    Dear Year 7 Parent/Carer

    I would like to inform you of the positive changes happening in Year 7 for Languages.  Your child, having studied a particular language in Primary School, will now have the opportunity to continue with either French or Spanish all the way through to GCSE on 5 hours over two weeks.  This will enable your child to achieve the best they possibly can in one language creating a firm foundation in that language with the possibility of taking up another language in Year 10 where curriculum time allows.  With the knowledge we have from our feeder schools we will be allocating your child as far as possible to the language they have studied in Primary School in order to ensure for this continuity.  The only reason we would allow for a change of languages to happen would be if your child is a native speaker and you wish your child to learn that particular language or wish them to do the other language.

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on

    Frances Cooke (Head of MFL)

    fco/mno 07.17