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    Salters' Festival of Chemistry

    The Salters’ Institute plays a major role in the support of Chemistry teaching and offers fun activities for students to attend in a variety of locations across the UK.  This week Mr Moore, our Head of Chemistry, took a small group of budding Year 8 Chemists to the University of East Anglia to join the experts at their annual ‘Festival of Chemistry’ event.

    Our small team of Chemists thoroughly enjoyed their outing and they had plenty of exciting hands-on practical challenges in the Universities’ laboratories.  They carried out investigations (just like a real Chemist), worked together in small teams and even fathomed out independent problem solving ideas.  The youngsters appreciated watching some amazing chemical demonstrations given by the experts on hand.   

    Awards and certificates were handed out in a small prize giving ceremony at the end of the day.

    Click here to view a few of the images captured from the event.

    Click here to view the organisers website.

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