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    Olympiad Achievements

    This year, 7 students from NDHS sat the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad paper, and 3 of them won medals. Hero (year 13) achieved a gold medal, which means she was in the top 7% of entrants in the country.Asha (year 13) achieved a silver medal (top 33%)William (year 12) achieved a bronze medal (top 64%).

    This really is a fantastic achievement. The RSC Chemistry Olympiad is a national competition for the most able Chemistry students, and it consists of a gruelling two hour written exam, where students apply their A level Chemistry knowledge to unfamiliar and complex scenarios. This year, about 5500 students entered (the majority of the cohort coming from independent schools), all of whom would have been among the highest performing students from each school.

    Well done to all that entered, and congratulations to the medal winners.

    mno/jch 02.17