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    It Starts With You! Conference

     Nine Year 9 students were invited to attend the ‘It Starts With You!’ conference at Archbishop Sancroft High School alongside five other schools

    After a warm welcome from Archbishop Sancroft Peace Ambassadors Genevieve and Thomas, guest speaker Jack Allison took to the stand. Jack’s presentation opened with the quote “Don’t Complain About Starfish…Throw Them!” Jack went on to speak about what he had achieved in his life so far, from visiting Thailand and renovating a community centre to going to Cape Town as a volunteer and building a greenhouse out of recyclable materials. Jack also spoke about his plans for the future and the differences he hopes to make as a member of staff for GVI. His main message was clear: “Young people are not the future, we are the now!”

    The students then went into their breakout groups led by the peace ambassadors. Each group, after a few funny ice breakers, looked at a different, thought provoking question, such as ‘what is stopping young people?’, ‘who inspires you?’ and ‘what would you do if you were not afraid?’.

    After lunch it was time for guest speaker Mark Little, a member of Rotary International. Mark gave a speech about slavery in the modern day, and the link slavery has with peace. He wanted to raise awareness and his main message was also clear: “If we don’t care about it, we will never act…we need people in communities that have their eyes open” Mark himself has visited a number of different countries, providing resources for centres for children rescued from slavery, and the impact he has made on so many different children was inspirational and could be seen through his case work.

    Thank you to Archbishop Sancroft and Pat Webb for a wonderful and insightful conference.